Club Boat Dive to Black Rock and Stars

When: Apr 13, 2019

Club Boat Dive – Black Rock and Stars

Black Rock is a dive along a finger that drops from the top around 40ft to an overhang at about 90ft.  Stars is the shallower site that has the giant holes in the reef ledge at 25ft or shop that drop into massive underwater caverns at 40ft.

dive boat south seas to on a freediving charterWhat is a club boat dive?

  • club members only, no other guests
  • $40 – bare boat charter – meaning you need to bring all of your own gear including tanks and weights
    • tanks, nitrox, and gear can be ordered delivered to boat for an extra charge
  • dive briefing only is provided, you and your buddy are diving within safe diving limits
  • transportation is not provided

Island Divers Hawaii, Honolulu Scuba Company and Oahu Dolphin Divers are all full service dive companies.  This club boat dive is not that!  However, it is inexpensive.  Since the crew members are not doing pickups or guiding in water, we can offer a lower rate to go on a two tank dive.  In return we limit it to club members only.  Only certified club members will be on the boat, and everyone needs to execute safe diving practices, including diving with a buddy.

What if I don’t have a dive buddy?

You will need to bring your best friendly personality and find another club member on the boat that is willing to dive with you.  That should not be hard, but realistically if you are inexperienced or have less than stellar air consumption you may want to hold off on booking this bare boat trip until such a time as your skills have improved a little.  As a courtesy to other divers.  That being the case it is our experience that club member are great people, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a buddy on the boat.

Who should book this dive?

Club members that have done at least one deep dive from a dive boat in Hawaii without encountering any problems.  This charter should NOT be your first dive boat experience in Hawaii, or your first deep diving experience.  Consider taking an Advanced Open Water course if that is the case.  Club members can get that course from us for $275 in combination with a club shore diving event and a regularly scheduled Sunday 3 tank dive.

Will there be a divemaster?

Yes and No.  There will be a dive master/instructor present to give a dive briefing, but only one for the entire boat, so you should be a skilled enough diver to listen to a dive briefing and plan and execute a safe dive on your own with a buddy.  That is why we limit it to club members only.  The divemaster will obviously help where he can, but he she is not there to make sure you are safe in the water, so again – if you are not sure of your diving skills, please consider booking other charters until your skills are sharp.

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