Open Water Dives – Four certification dives in two days $325

scuba turtle

Our Referral Dive Package is for divers that have completed the academic and confined water scuba diving portions of their PADI scuba diving courses elsewhere and want to do their “open water check out dives” in the beautiful clear waters of Honolulu and Waikiki, Hawaii.

This package includes two days of boat diving, all the scuba instruction, and all the rental equipment that you need to complete your scuba diving certification through PADI, an internationally recognized scuba dive training agency.

Open Water dives are typically conducted on the afternoon 2 tank shallow reef dive charter under the supervision of your instructor. You will be asked to repeat the skills you learned in confined water scuba diving training with your instructor in the ocean, then we will concentrate on having some fun scuba diving in Oahu. Even though these are your scuba diving certification dives, you can expect to see turtles, eels, lot of reef fish, and maybe even an octopus or two. After completing 2 days of boat diving, you will have earned your scuba certification in Honolulu, Hawaii!

The scuba diver enrolled in the PADI certification course will need to bring all the documents provided by their original training dive shop to complete the course. Divers must be in good health or released to dive by a physician, please look at the Medical Questionnaire that you should have in your paperwork.  Students from other diving agencies, like SSI, NAUI, and SDI should be provided referral paperwork by the shop that did the academic and confined water scuba diving training.  Just bring that with you for us to sign after you have completed your open water scuba training.

Thank you for completing your scuba diving certification with Island Divers Hawaii on Oahu! Contact us to get started.

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