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Join us for a unique Honolulu whale watching cruise. Experience the difference a more intimate setting makes. Mix with the crew and captain aboard the 50′ US Coast Guard certified Sea Fox.  Island Divers brought whale listening to the tour industry in the 2011-12 season.  Courtesy of a research hydrophone, you can listen to live whale song through the vessel stereo system.  Island Divers Hawaii whale watching charter is the only charter on Oahu which conducts their tours inside the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.  Waikiki and Kewalo Basin charters are not in the Sanctuary.  So when considering where to book, give yourself the best chance to see whales and come with us!

See the video below for an example of our Humpback Whales Boat Tour!

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$58 per person, available by phone only call 808 201 4710


Every cruise includes
  • 1.5 hour sunset cruise aboard the Sea Fox (sometimes longer, we go from 4:45pm until after sunset, (if everyone is on time we go early).
  • live whale song broadcast over the vessel stereo system using a research hydrophone
  • ocean adventure souvenir delivered digitally to your email!
  • whale sighting guarantee free return trip available (same season)


seafox humpback whale tourSat, Sun, Tues, and Thurs at 4:45pm, check in between 4:00pm and 4:15pm at our Hawaii Kai location.


$129 per person (kama’aina and children’s discounts available).

This tour is available on Groupon for discounted pricing, or call direct for special pricing!

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Check out our Whale Watching compilation video from 2012

Additional Information

Humpback whales are in Hawaii from Nov to May. However the peak of the whale season is Jan to March. Island Divers runs charters from December to April 15th. This limited schedule gives us the greatest chance to have every charter interact with humpback whales.

Other common sea life sightings on a whale watching are flying fish, green sea turtles, spinner dolphins, bottle nose dolphins, many varieties of sea birds, and rarely a Hawaiian monk seal.

humpback-whale-hawaiiHumpback whales are in Hawaii to mate and give birth. They migrate from Alaska and the Bering sea where they feed during the summer. The most common sighting for Island Divers Hawaii has been a mother with her calf and possible one other adult or juvenile whale. Large groups and single adults are also sighted.

We recommend that persons not acclimated to open sea conditions take a sea sickness preventative medicine approximately at least one hour before coming aboard. It is a small percentage of people that get ill, but a very high percentage of those are people who say “I’ve never been sea sick before!” An even higher percentage of those people who did get sea sick wish they had taken this advice. It’s only a recommendation, but it is a good one if you want to play it safe.  Island Diver Hawaii is located next to a Long’s Drugs, so if you arrive a few minutes early you can make a shopping trip.

We do not recommend bringing children under 5 years of age aboard the vessel.  If you chose to do so we recommend bringing a flotation device fitting for your child.

Below is a beautiful underwater picture of a Humpback Whale taken by Dive Instructor Nate while leading a scuba dive tour on 4/15/13. See his dive report here.