haha, that’s an easy one for serious divers.  Diver Propulsion Vehicle, and we’re not talking about fins here!  fun day, as always, on the boat today, as instructor David was teaching a DPV course.  these little underwater scooters are awesome, fun, and great in a current!  and always fun to watch them zoom around, like a kid on a bike.  all divers should try it sometime!  baby barge was great viz and medium current, so it took some work to get down to the shark cave, but it was worth it!  huge turtle in the cave, eels along the way. cruising back to the wreck we saw schools of reef fish, beautiful hard corals, and more turtles!  whew!  2nd jump was a drift of Fantasy reef, home of infinite possibilities.  meaning there is some much to see, and such a variety.  you’ll know what you will see for day to day.  great barracuda, eagle rays, huge turtles, myriad eels, octopus. you get the picture!  thanks to all for safe diving!  larry, kendal, joe, alex, david

baby barge 80 ft  40 min

fantasy        52 ft   50 min

Image _DSC6342 _DSC6340

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