Join us for the best in Honolulu scuba diving with plenty of wrecks, turtles, and fish! Our goal is to provide you with a professional and safe Oahu scuba diving tours in a fun and relaxing atmosphere while still offering the best selection of dives of any Waikiki, Honolulu, or Oahu scuba dive shops. We strive for days in which our clients not only have had great dives, but at the end of the day feel like they have made new friends in the crew. Diving Oahu isn’t just our profession, it’s our lifestyle! Join us for a day of Hawaii scuba diving.

Oahu Scuba Diving

aug21We do not have a set schedule of Oahu scuba diving sites, and like to change up the dive sites often. We love this job!  You can make specific scuba dive site requests when you sign up for Oahu scuba diving tours, however, unless you book a private boat we cannot guarantee any particular site. We can promise you this though: we’ll go to the best Oahu Scuba diving sites that day based on the diving conditions and taking into account all the dive site requests that we get. We truly do want you to have the best diving day possible.

If you are interested in deepening your scuba diving training, ask your dive instructor if there is a specialty course  or Daily Dive Special  that you can work on during your dives. You can dive in Oahu and go home with an additional scuba certification at the same time! Check out some of the Oahu dive sites we visit.

Our Signature Oahu Diving Service

We offer many different Waikiki and Honolulu scuba charters. After being picked up, (or upon meeting at the boat), you’ll be asked to sign the ever present liability release and present your diving card. Drinks and light snacks will be present on the boat, especially water. Go Pro underwater cameras are available upon request in the shop for rentals. We suggest you wear sunscreen and you may want bring a towel. If you chill easily, a windbreaker or extra shirt between dives is a good thing to bring. If you are prone to motion sickness, we suggest taking an anti nausea medication like Dramamine before your Oahu scuba diving tours leaves the dock. If you are booked on the Sea Fox (8:30am Advanced and 12:30pm Shallow Reef dives) then there is a dry, enclosed cabin as well as a diving deck for you to store your personal items.

               SeaFox  _DSC1813

At the boat dock, the captain will give a boat safety briefing. Customers booked on the morning deep and drift charter will be given the option of changing to the shallow dive boat at 9am if the Advanced charter is too Advanced for your liking at that time. Of course, the Divemaster will give a thorough dive site and safety briefing on the way to the dive site. He or she will also be on hand underwater to point out interesting dive site features and as an extra safety precaution. Certified divers however, are ultimately responsible for their own safetyVisit our PADI Dive Courses page to see the additional scuba diving training available, like Nitrox, most of which you can do while you’re diving with us! After the dives the Divemaster/Instructor will help fill out and stamp logbooks.  If you are on a certified boat dive and would like Island Divers to be directly responsible for your safety underwater, we would be happy to provide you with a professional private dive buddy. Private dive instructors are $150 per trip in addition to the cost of the dive charter.

Your instructor will write up a Dive Report  which will be posted to our website, or post your group picture from your dive after your charter to our Instagram or Facebook page. We can send you a direct link to the report at your request. All of the pictures that your Divemaster or Instructor took during the day will be available on our dive shop Oahu computer after the dive. Those high resolution images, plus some of our best stock photography and videos can be burned to CD on the spot by request.


Reservations require payment in full by credit card. Full refunds are provided for cancellations made more than 48 hours before departure. Register your Oahu scuba diving adventure now to save your boat seat!

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The dive instructors and boat crew do rely on tips to supplement their income. Working on a scuba diving boat requires investing in extensive and expensive training, equipment and insurance. In the tourism business, retail prices don’t leave a lot left to pay more than subsistence income for instructors and boat crew. Please support the highly trained staff in being able to continue to provide a safe and outstanding scuba dive experience in Oahu. Here is a basic, industry-wide guideline for tipping: Average service: optional,  Excellent service: 5-10%, Outstanding service, 10%+