7 Extraordinary Sea Animals to Observe While Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Green Sea TurtlesWe are passionately in love with our environment, and feel privileged to be able to show off the natural riches that can be seen underwater. Offering you an unparalleled scuba diving experience, we never tire of the thrill clients experience after their first dive.

4 Things You Should Know Before Going Scuba Diving for the First Time in Hawaii

4 Things You Should Know Before Going Scuba Diving for the First Time in HawaiiBefore venturing into the deep blue for your first Hawaiian underwater excursion, there are a few things you need to know. First up: safety should never be compromised, as being properly prepared is the best way to enjoy a safe and secure dive. We want to make sure you feel relaxed and ready to explore the vast treasures of our beautiful underwater world by giving you a few tips before you venture forth.

4 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Oahu, Hawaii

As Oahu’s premier dive center, we at Island Divers Hawaii definitely have the bead on the best scuba diving spots around the island. Because we live and breathe the diving lifestyle, we are super passionate about sharing our expertise and sense of adventure so that you can experience the same joy we feel every time we explore all that our rich waters have to offer.

10 Amazing Fish to See While Scuba Diving in Honolulu

Hawaii Turkey Fish (Hawaii Lionfish) 

Hawaii Turkey FishThe scientific name for this fish is Pterois sphex. It belongs to the Scorpionfish family.  A characteristic shared by the fish in this family is that they possess venomous spines. This is their defense against being eaten up by larger predators.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Scuba Diving in Waikiki

10 Things You Shouldn't Do While Scuba Diving in WaikikiDive with unaccredited dive centers –

There are some dive organizations that market to tourists as “private” dive instructors and or divemasters.  Some might be certified by authoritative organizations but they do not have the security provided by a dive shop like Island Divers Hawaii, which has a meticulous emergency plan in case of a diving related accident.  Insured dive shops can also provide much more reassurance that you won’t be left alone to deal with any situation that may arise.

3 Things You Should Do If You See a Shark While Scuba Diving

3 Things You Should Do If You See a Shark While Scuba DivingMost people believe that our ocean is teaming with ravenous, human eating sharks. This is not the case. Maybe shark encounters were frequent at one point in history, but not so much today. Our island is a great place to see some of the magnificent shark species inhabiting our waters but first, there are three things you should remember to do that will ensure you enjoy your first, and many other encounters with this wondrous underwater predator. So, what do you do when you see a shark while diving?

10 Tips To Help You Become a Better Scuba Diver

10 Tips To Help You Become a Better Scuba Diver1. Take responsibility for yourself

Always thought that the Dive Guide would look after you, it was their responsibility, not yours? Well if you’re ready or not once you are a certified diver you are certifiably responsible for yourself. Interestingly enough, its not until you complete your Rescue Diver course that your view will change and you will learn the reality of being a certified diver. You are responsible for yourself, your buddy and, in fact sometimes anyone else that you come in contact with in a diving environment (i.e. those who come to you in an out of air situation). If anything went wrong, would you be able to deal with it?