Oahu Pelagic Night Dives

Pelagic Night Dives

What are pelagic night dives?

Also known as black water dives, pelagic night dives occur in the open ocean with thousands of feet of water under the dive boat.  The dives are conducted in 40 feet of water.  You are scuba diving in the pelagic environment.  The dive will encounter marine life that is completely different from the every day encounters  in the near shore reef environment.  Jack’s Diving Locker in Kona was instrumental in pioneering this kind of diving, which they refer to as the Pelagic Magic Night Dive.

How are pelagic night dives conducted on Oahu? dive boat for pelagic night dives on the west coast of oahu

The crew will load the boat with a a small group of guests, maximum of eight, and head straight out to deep water off the west coast of Oahu.  Pelagic night dives are conducted on the west coast of the island. The west coast is the lee side of the island making the boat ride more comfortable.  The captain will set the sea anchor once the boat is more that one mile from shore. The sea anchor keeps the boat driftly slowly.  The divers enter the water tethered to the vessel for safety.  In black water, with no reference, it would be easy to understand how a diver could lose track of their depth while taking picture. The tethers are required. Diving depth is approximately 40ft. With nowhere in particular to fin to, air consumption is good and the dive can easily last one hour.  Clearly, a dive light is important, and one that lets you control the light level is best.

What kind of creatures will I see on pelagic night dives?Pelagic Night Dives centophor

With nothing visible in the distance, your attention will be immediately focused to the few feet in front of your mask.  You will also pick up creatures visible in your dive lights cone of light.  Many of the creatures will be hard to identify as they are completely out of the normal divers experience.  It is possible to see larval stage octopi and crabs.  Sea palps are common.  Jellyfish of all kinds are present.  It is highly likely that you will encounter gelatinous creatures with prismatic displays of rolling colors along the edges of their bodies, centophora.  Photo credit.  Zooplankton, which during the day live in the depths, are abundant.


How do I book pelagic night dives on Oahu?

Currently, we are conducting pelagic night dives on Saturday evenings.  The boat is in Waianae Small Boat Harbor.  Oahu Dolphin Divers is a sister company and runs this charter.  However, we can conduct the dive any night with a minimum of four guests.  The price is $160 with all equipment and dive light rental, or $125 if you have all your own equipment.  Transportation is not provided for this activity.  Use the book button below to check availability or call 808 478 1104.

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