Heat Wave?!? Let’s Go Diving!!!

There is no better way to escape the heat then go diving! Well that’s what 6 other certified and 1 DSD divers thought as well. So everyone showed up ready to go, boat briefing was done, and we were on our way to the open sea. The water temperature was around 79 degrees and everyone was ready to take a plunge into the aqua blue Pacific waters.

Celebrating New Beginnings and New Adventures!

July 7, 2017 started out as any other day as we got the Sea Fox ready for another trip out into the Maunalua Bay. Everything was set and this day was special because out of the many people who were going on the dive we had two honeymoon couples on board! What better way than to spend their honeymoon by diving in our beautiful Pacific waters!

37 Meters Down…Actually Just 36 Feet!

Working at a dive shop allows you to meet all sorts of people from all backgrounds, cultures, and in this case…ages! First of all meet the Davis family from Colorado with their youngest Jackson aka “Jack” who is 11 yrs old and not afraid to scuba dive! I believe this boy has an incredible future in scuba diving awaiting him when he turns 12. GO JACK!

The Fab Four of Maunalua Bay! 6/16/2017

Another beautiful day out on Maunalua Bay. Blue skies, a light wind, and fantastic water greeted our 4 divers as we departed the dock on the Sea Fox. Anita, Brandon, Ben, and Tim had the boat all to themselves and we decided to drop on our first deep site: the LCU.

Certs, Students, and DSD’s….OH MY!

It was another sunny and fun-filled day on June the 3rd. We had a great group which consisted of certified divers, OW and AOW students, and also 1st timers (DSD’s)! With myself, Everett, and Carl as the instructors and Matt at the helm we set out for the bay. With the water temperature just right at 78 degrees we headed out to Koko Craters. Surface was a little choppy, but once we cleared that the visibility was incredible with hovering turtles, very gabby looking eels, big eyed pufferfish, and so much more right before our eyes. Our maximum depth was at 36 ft.

Summer Returns to Maunalua Bay!


June has arrived and so has the warmer waters that the island of Oahu is known for. Ready to take advantage of the beautiful conditions in Maunalua Bay was James B, James F, Katie, Nate, Paul, Shay, Travis, and Marilyn. And near perfect conditions there were: 78 degree waters, 80 ft plus visibility, and a slight current as we reached our first destination: LCU.

Great Memorial Day Diving in Maunalua Bay!

What better thing to do then go diving to celebrate Memorial Day! That’s what 3 students and 4 certified divers, and another instructor (Bill) thought as well. With Captain Shiloh at the helm we made our way out into the gorgeous Maunalua Bay. I had wondered how things were going to be since the “King Tides” making their way here on the south shores of Oahu, but was pleasantly surprised with good visibility 50 ft. and not too much current on our first dive site, Koko Craters! The water temperature at 78 degrees made it comfortable as well. There at the site we saw many things such as eels, sea cucumbers, Hawaiian State fish ( Humuhumunukunukuapua), pufferfish, and not to mention the main attraction, the great sea turtles! They were everywhere!