Great day out at the LCU!

Braving some moderate winds and some surface chop, our certified divers boarded the Enzo looking for high adventure under the rolling ocean. Divers  Brian S., Brian B., Carlos, Craig, Devon, Jared, Paul, Dray, and Megan,  were set to dive out in Maunalua  Bay in Hawaii Kai. After gearing up and getting our boat and dive briefings we were headed out to the bay and our first stop: the Landing Craft Utility or LCU.

Magical Monday!!

The winds had died down from the weekend and we pulled out of the marina heading to LCU.  The water was clear and the viability was amazing.  There was a slight current but it was no challenge for our set of fantastic divers.  As we dropped on the wreck we were met but a huge school of barracuda!  This is always an incredible site to see so many of them together.  After checking out the underside of the boat we made our way out into the Z Blocks.  We were not let down with the sea life out there.  One of our favorite small white tip reef sharks was sleeping in his usual lair.  We were also greeted by 11…yes ELEVEN Eagle Rays.  This was a beautiful dive today.


The Ocean, it inspires us all with wonder and fear but then again it’s what drives our pioneering ambition to little-known waters. The waters in which I dwell and call home, this is what I want to share and teach others the same sensation of discovery as I once had. Michelle Olson and  Sarah Williams who are the two of the many divers I had taught have grasped the same pioneering spirit from this early morning experience out on the beautiful vessel known as The Fox, where we have dove down to the crumpled and decaying wreck we call Baby Barge to the ever illustrious Spitting Caves with it’s range of aquatic sea creatures from White Tips to the concealed Frog-fish. For that, I would like to say thank you to Sarah and Michelle for choosing us as your way of learning how to dive, and hope that you continue this journey for many years to come.

Post 4th of July Dive

With the 4th of July celebrations at an end the diving continues and we were all ready to get into the water. Heading out for the morning we were still fighting high winds and heavy currents but were not deterred and charged to one of our best sites, the LCU (Landing Craft Utility) vehicle. At a max depth of 95ft and with visibility reaching 100+ we could easily see the wreck from the surface.

The Amazing Divers from the North

Here comes the 13 fearsome Canadian divers, who have traveled from thousands of miles just to try out diving for their first time with us. I consider it a challenge in a way but also a privilege to show these guys and girl how wonderful the underwater kingdom can be, and what better way than Koko Craters AND Turtle Canyon to be their destinations to find out. Of course their were some who really put their courage to the test, especially the ones who even questioned getting into the pool. However, I gotta give them credit for going beyond their limits and diving into something new so here’s a tip of my hat to those guys and girl who gave it their all.

Trutle Thursday

20160623_154400 LRG_DSC05223 LRG_DSC05220 LRG_DSC05241

On a great Thursday afternoon we headed out with customers participating in Discover Scuba Diving, students conductiong their open water dives 1,2,3 and 4. First dive site was Koko Crater  where it was a turtles heaven for our divers counting 5 individual turtles through the dive. The second dive site was Anglers Reef  where it was eels and tridents trumpet shells that were the highlights for the divers.

Swimming with the Sharks

Now at times I don’t consider myself as someone who always brags about what he saw out there in the big o’ blue, but this time I’ll make an exception. Just yesterday on June 15, 2016, me and several other fellow divers had the honor of diving at one of the many barges called Kahala Barge that morning in a rather windy-sunny day,however pleasant under the surface. Now once at the wreck we managed to swim the whole sunken vessel whether it was under,above, or even through the wreckage it still always has that eerie and yet fascinating feeling. Once finished there, after a 45 minute surface interval we immediately did a drift over Fantasy Reef where I stumbled upon 3 White Tip Reef Sharks in a small cozy cave side by side, aside from that we were then approached by another. So yeah I am going to brag about how many sharks, but that’s besides the point. Want to give a congratulations shout out to Darrel and Chris for finishing there Advanced Open Water Course with me, one of the many awesome instructors at Island Divers.

Anglers and Fantasy

LRG_DSC04858 LRG_DSC04880 LRG_DSC04900 LRG_DSC04868 LRG_DSC04894 20160615_163256(0)

Our Weds afternoon gave us an opportunity to explore the dive sites of Anglers Reef and Fantasy Reef. With discover scuba divers and open water students on board we got great first time experience and amazing training completed. The Hawaiian green sea turtle and a variety of eels were the main attraction of both dives with some white tip reef sharks spotted by a couple of divers. A great day for a great couple of dives.

Double Drift 5/31

It was a blustery day out with a bit of rain but our seasoned divers came out to splash in the Pacific.  Ended up doing a double drift, sometimes Mother Nature has her own idea of what we can do.  We all jumped in at LCU and explored the boat a little then on our way.  Trying to make the next barge but the current pulled us a bit to the south.  This was fun for us to explore areas we seldom get to see.  It’s always fun to see places we never get to see.  Vienna even got to try out Nitrox for the very first time on her dives today with our Dive Nitrox Special.

How to Navigate the Pacific

What is Neutral Buoyancy? Neutral buoyancy is a condition in which a physical body’s average density is equal to the density of the fluid in which it is immersed. Two eager students of mine had to experiment and understand how to master this skill(which in this case, everyone should know how to do), and I could not be happier on the outcome of their success, they did an outstanding job on their Peak Performance Buoyancy class, especially the Underwater Navigation course as well. So as always I would like to tip my hat to Kai and Harry Pittman on their success, really great job. I also want to thank Thomas,Stephan,Vienna,Paul, and Karen for coming out and diving with us, hope you guys had a great time.