Hey there! We know you’ve been excited about coming to see us and wanted to give you a sneak preview of our location in the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center. Right on the water, this is where most of our boat charters depart from.

To take a virtual tour, hover your mouse over the image below. As you move your mouse, you’ll see a little white circle. Those are your legs. You can place that anywhere within the shop and it’ll take you to that place as if you’re standing there.

If you want to look around, use the four arrows in the top left hand corner. You can look up or down, left or right.

Let’s give it a test run. First, we’re going to check out the sign on the outside of the building. To do this, click the up arrow once, then click the left arrow once. Now, to go back to facing the door, just click the down and right arrows once each.

To come inside, either click the white arrow at the bottom of the screen or place the white circle anywhere inside the door. Continue using that circle and those arrows to help you explore the whole shop.

We can’t wait to see you in person!