Two Tank Wreck and Drift Dive $99 (+ $25 Equipment Rental) – Check in time 7:30am

One of our certified boat dive charters is a morning advanced 2 tank dive, a deep site, (usually a wreck), and a shallow reef or drift.  We visit many of our famous wrecks as well as Sea caves and beautiful deep walls, some of the best scuba diving in Hawaii. Don’t forget to add on Nitrox to any of your charters.  Not Nitrox certified? You can get your Nitrox diving certification while you are on the boat! Included in your dive charter complimentary transportation from Waikiki & Honolulu hotels is available upon request with pickup between 7-7:15am. If you are driving yourself to the dive shop, then plan to arrive right at or slightly before 7:30am, all on board time is 8:20am.  This charter is available Monday through Saturday.

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Sunday Three Tank Wrecks and Reef Dive $144 (+$25 Equipment Rental) – Check in time 7:30am

Enjoy a whole day of the best scuba diving in Oahu! We visit some of our favorite sites that we don’t get to during the week. We have a great time all day on the boat with typically 2 wrecks and a drift dive. Lunch is provided on the boat.  This is an advanced boat charter to Oahu scuba diving sites, so make sure you feel comfortable, or call us to book a check out dive on one of our daily shallow reef charters before Sunday’s 3 Tanker. Check in time is 7:30am with all on board time at 8:20am.

*If weather is ideal, we travel to the wind exposed side of the island and visit sites like Rabbit Island, Skimmens Ledge, or Palea Point.  These are sites no others are able to access.

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Two Tank Shallow Reef Dive $99 (+ $25 Equipment Rental)- check in time 12:30pm

The Afternoon charter is two 30-40ft dives.  On our afternoon charters you will IMG_Scuba Diving Certification Prices in Hawaiienjoy the plethora of reef fish, turtles, and eels found at our shallow reef dives. These dive sites Oahu are good for people who are getting back into diving after a break, trying diving for the first time, doing open water referral dives, or simply don’t want to get up early! Pickup time is 11:30am with a 5pm drop off.  Arrive at the our Hawaii dive shop at 12:30pm if you are driving yourself.  All aboard time is 12:40pm. This charter is available Monday through Sunday.

*Does this time not work for you?  We can accommodate certified divers on our Discover Scuba diving charter in the morning with a check in time of 8:30am.

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*If you have a Hawaii ID or DoD ID, inquire about available discounts

Note: our three daily regularly scheduled certified scuba diver charter depart from 377 Keahole St., Honolulu, HI 96825 which is our Hawaii Kai Marina dive shop address. We do have dive scuba diver charters that depart from other harbors however, please ask us if you are unsure of your departure location. The boats depart the dock at 8:30am (deep and drift), or 9am (shallow reef dives) and both certified boat charter and the beginner or scuba dive training charter usually return to the dock at noon. If we picked you up in Waikiki then you’ll be back around 1:00pm.  After your booking you will receive a confirmation email with full details regarding your Oahu scuba diving tours.

Please fill out and bring with you the follow forms:

Boat Release

Youth flip chart & Youth Acknowledgement Release – if diver is under 15 years old