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If you are scuba diver with a fair amount of experience and/or an Advanced Open Water Diver scuba certification, chances are you want to reserve our morning boat charter service. The morning boat charter starts out with a deep dive to a wreck, followed by a shallower drift dive. Occasionally, dive sites will change due to conditions or the desires of clients on the boat, but this is the typical schedule. Sundays are the exception. Every Sunday we do a three tank extended range charter, with two deep and one shallow dives, with a long interval between the two deep dives. The three tanker is a very popular charter at our shop, so if you want this schedule, be sure to book it early.

For divers that want to schedule four dives in one day, the same boat that conducts the morning two tank advanced dive charter departs for an afternoon two tank charter after a lunchtime surface interval at the dock. These two shallower dive sites will keep you within your no decompression limits.
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Dive Longer with Nitrox

Island Divers also has Nitrox available at the cost of $15.00 per tank.  If you are not Nitrox certified getting that certification has never been easier.  The complete course can be taken online and the only requirement for certification when you show up at the shop is to practice analyzing the oxygen content of a Nitrox tank using the proper equipment. The total time commitment not including your online training is about 10 minutes.
If you would like to become Nitrox Certified during your visit to Island Divers click the button below and it will take you to the PADI website to sign up for your online training. The current PADI cost (it will be collected online by PADI) is $205.

Island Divers Hawaii will provide you free hands on training and certification processing ($35 value) and two tanks of free nitrox (value $25) if you sign up below for online training and then call or email us to book a dive charter. We will complete your training immediately the morning before your charter and get you on Enriched Air Nitrox right then!

Start Your NITROX Scuba Diver Training Now! Save time by taking the PADI Nitrox Online Course before you arrive and finish the dive portions with Island Divers Hawaii.. PADI eLearning course for NITROX certification.

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