If you are a scuba diver with a fair amount of experience and/or an Advanced Open Water Diver certification, chances are you’ll want to reserve our morning boat charter service, which starts out with a deep dive to a wreck, followed by a shallower drift dive.scuba nitrox tanks

Occasionally, dive sites will change due to conditions or the desires of clients on the boat, but this is the typical schedule. Sundays are the exception because it is when we do a three tank, extended range charter with one shallow and two deep dives, with a long interval between the two deep dives. The three tanker is one of our most popular charters, so book early to ensure that you’re on it!

PADI Nitrox Specialty

As a diver with experience, you may be interested in our PADI Nitrox course, which teaches you how to conduct dives with a nitrogen/oxygen mix, where 21-40% of the mix is oxygen and the rest nitrogen. This mix allows you to stay down longer and save energy during your dives, which is a real treat when exploring Oahu’s wrecks!

We provide Nitrox tanks for $12.50 per tank. If you are not Nitrox certified, getting that certification has never been easier or more fun. The complete course can be taken online and the only requirement for certification when you show up at the shop is to practice analyzing the oxygen content of a Nitrox tank using the proper equipment, which takes about ten minutes.

However, if you sign up for online training and call us to book a charter, we’ll provide you with free hands on training, certification processing and two free tanks of Nitrox (a total value of $60). We’ll complete your training immediately before your charter and get you Enriched Air Nitrox right then!

To sign up for the PADI eLearning Nitrox Diving Course, visit the PADI website. Please be aware that they charge a $205 fee for the online course.

PADI Nitrox Specialty Course Requirements

A couple hours are required to learn about the special procedures and knowledge required to safely dive and handle this mixture. To prepare for this class you will need the PADI Enriched Air Crew-Pak, which includes:

  • an Enriched Air 32 Percent table
  • an Enriched Air 36 Percent table
  • Equivalent Air Depth/Oxygen Exposure Table

To practice planning and analyzing nitrox, you must:

  • be a PADI Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization
  • be at least 15 years of age
  • conduct two dives on Enriched Air Nitrox

You can also participate in the PADI Nitrox Enriched Air Specialty Course if you are currently enrolled in the PADI Open Water Diver course. After completing the PADI Nitrox Course, you may make an optional enriched air dive, which can be credited towards the PADI Enriched Air Diver Certification.