Scuba Diving Lessons For All Levels in Oahu, Hawaii

Where should you dive for your first time or for your hundredth dive? A dive center with the capabilities of offering all persons of all levels comfortable and unforgettable experiences is a winning choice.

Fantastic Mother’s Day Dives! 5/14

The day started out with some beautiful blue skies here on Maunalua Bay.  We had a full boat, lots of students and some down right happy divers.  Baby Barge was our first site of the day.  We had some current today but all of our divers were up for the challenge.  We were visited by turtles, eels and octopus at this site.  Our photographers on the boat were pretty happy with all wild life at the boat of the sea.

Double Drifting Monday!! 4/18 AM

It was a blustery start to the day today but the weather cleared quickly as the dive boat headed out to the sites.  We drifted off the LCU wreck today and headed west after that.  The barracuda were out like crazy today, hundreds of them. We explored parts of the ocean floor that we seldom get to see.  Never knowing what you will see out there is pretty exciting.  So many reef fish around on this dive and the cutest little free swimming octopus.  It’s always fun to do this drift when we get the chance.

Diving and a Booby!! 8/10 AM dives

Diving on Saturday morning is the perfect start to a weekend.  We had light trade winds and our seas were calm.  Greeted at New Barge with 150+ feet of visibility.  Ed was doing his PADI Wreck Spec on this dive so he was laying line inside the wreck on this dive.  The rest of us made our way around the “Z” Block pile outside the wreck, so many fish!!  Devin  was doing his PADI Enriched Air Spec so we got to spend some extra time on the wreck.  We made our way to the wreck as a group and explored inside and out.  When we came back up there was a very curious Booby watching all of us.  Guess he liked our group there today!

Three Tankers Rock!!! 9/18

Everyone on the dive boat this morning was super stoked about the historic Corsair being the first wreck today.  It had been requested by over half the boat.  There was a pretty kicking current this morning but our divers made their way down the line to the wreck.  They were rewarded with crystal clear water and a super nice dive around the wreck.  Divers Gene, Heather, Ron, Riana and Omar were doing their PADI Enriched Air course so they got to spend some extra time down there.  It’s amazing that the wreck has been there over 65 years and still is in pretty good condition.  This is one of the most popular dive sites in Hawaii being the only natural wreck on Oahu.  At 107 feet deep Chloe, Riana and Omar also did the deep part of their PADI Advanced Open Water course.  Great job all of you!

Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! 9/10 am

If you wanted to see sharks, like our divers did today, they were out in force.  LCU is always a good place for us to find sharks and today it was fantastic.  Two good sized white tips under the wreck and then we were met outside by four large eagle rays!!  It was a super day on LCU, with 100+ visibility.  We had fun exploring the “Z” blocks surrounding the wreck also. Kevin and Izzy had extra time on the wreck while doing their PADI Enriched Air course.  What a perfect day to have extra bottom time.   It was epic for a beautiful Saturday dive!

Best NIGHT Dive of the Year!! 9/8

Taking the boat out at dusk for our first dive we went to baby barge.  It was teaming with activity at the change over at sunset.  The turtles were settling in for the night but still pretty active around us.  We saw several at the wreck.  Also the sharks had woken up and were out free swimming around.  We made our way to the shark cave where Peter, our PADI Night dive Student was doing some skills.  On the way back the sunlight had all but disappeared and at this time it always makes the wreck look so eerie.  You can make out the shape of it but it still looks so big in the water.  Exploring this wreck at night makes it so different from our usual day time trips.

Super Saturday!! Sept 03 am

Always a fun time when we get to dive the historic Corsair wreck.  This plane had to do an emergency ditch in 1948 and still sits on the sea floor today.  For being down there over 65 years it sure has held up well.  The water was clear and warm as we made our decent.  You could see the plane from almost the moment you jumped in the water.  Lots of reef fish around, and the beautiful scorpion leaf fish that have taken up residents there.  The wing in the sand and the body listing a bit to the side.  It’s always amazing to think of how many missions this plane may have flown before finding it’s final resting spot here in Maunalua Bay.  A perfect setting for many to check off bucket list dives and for Nick to do is PADI Enriched Air course dives, giving him extra time.

Three Tanker Bliss! 8/28

The last three tanker of August was hands down fantastic.  We had nice weather, slight wind and sunny skies.  The LCU wreck had amazing visibility of 150+ feet and no current.  Everyone had quite the shark adventure down there.  We saw big white tips and baby white tips, several hundred barracuda and to many kinds of reef fish to count.  Some of the divers were doing their PADI Enriched Air class, so they got to extend their bottom time.  We also have a “Try Nitrox” program so several of our other divers just got to sample what it’s like.  This made for some epic dives.

Super Saturday! 8/13 AM

Basking in the sun as we made our way to the historic Corsair plane wreck, all the divers were ready to go.  Making the decent to the wreck at 107 feet was fairly quick, everyone was excited to see the wreck.  We had visitors from other countries and made a few bucket lists a bit shorter today.  The wreck is still in amazing conditions in over 60 years on the sea floor.  She went down in 1948 and sat there ever since, Corsair is the only natural wreck on our island.  Today, Kristen was doing her PADI Enriched air class and there was really no better place to try it out.  We also had Thomas working on his PADI AOW certification.  My favorite little purple leaf scorpion fish was there and posed a bit for pictures.