Oahu Scuba Diving Club 

Welcome to the best scuba diving club on the island!
Make no mistake, this is not a “paper” club like many others. We dive, and we dive a lot. We dive from shore, from boat and travel off island together. If you’re not exploring Hawaii underwater, you’re missing half the show.  See some of the international dive trips we have taken or are getting ready to take.

Club Benefits

  • $35 off any daily boat charter dive trips, including tanks and weights (equipment rental is an additional $25)
  • Monthly club events (free shore events, highly discounted club only boat dives – check them out)
  • Weekly newsletter with upcoming special club dives.  This is how you can dive all sides of the island with us. We organize free shore dives as well.
  • 20% off annual regulator services
  • Dive club special events (Easter egg hunt, 4th of July firework dive, etc}
  • Priority booking and on off island dive trips


Membership in the Oahu Scuba Diving Club entitles the member to club rate on all Island Divers Charters and the main member benefit.  $60 for 2 tank boat charters (normally $94), $85 for 3 tank boat charters (normally $144).  See schedule for the Oahu boat diving daily boat charter departure times, but briefly, the two tank advanced dive departs 8:30 am and 2 tank reef dives depart 9 am and 12 noon on separate boats.  On Sundays the three tank boat charter departs 8:30 am and does Waikiki diving or Rabbit Island side diving depending on conditions.
$60 for a 2 tank boat dive is a great rate for diving. We dive every day, 3 charters a day, minimum. So if you like boat diving, and want to dive a lot and don’t want necessarily wait for a specific club event, then this is the club membership for you. The rates and savings speak for themselves.
In addition to these dive charters, membership also includes heavy discounts to club events.  Recent examples are $10 to participate the Halloween Pumpkin carving contest by boat, $30 for a single tank drift dive clean up dive, $30 for a single tank Christmas day afternoon dive.


Dues:  $75 annual fee, $40 for second family member, 3+ free.  Open to Oahu residents and military only.

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