Same Day Service Now Available!

Island Divers does all its Scuba diving equipment repairs and servicing in house at 2 service center locations here on the island of Oahu, with the exception of tank hydro-static testing which is provided by a local company. We service most major brands except for TUSA.

Equipment that we service includes:




Aqua Lung




Sub Gear







Note: Dacor brand regulators which were once popular are no longer serviceable and haven’t been since approximately 2009 due to the manufacturer going out of business. At this point this equipment should be retired.

Equipment Servicing:

$39– Regulator servicing is  per stage plus parts cost.

$117 – For a standard regulator set; first stage, primary regulator Octopus  plus parts cost.

$35 – BCD service is  plus parts if required.

*Labor is paid for when you drop off your equipment. Parts cost is paid for when you pick up.

Tank Servicing:

$55– Hydro-static testing – VIP, Fill, & Hydro included

$16 – Visual inspection

Turn around time on scuba diving equipment repair or servicing is approximately one week.  Tank Hydro-static testing has an approximate 2 week turn around.

*A phone call will be provided weekly with status updates and you will be notified if it will be longer due to back ordered parts or on a non typical repair.


Gear Service and Repair Questions


How does gear servicing work at Island Divers Hawaii?

Simple, when you drop off your items you will be charged for the labor for service at that time.  Currently, $39 per stage or $117 for a regulator with a 1st and second stage with alternate air source 2nd stage.  Parts will be charged when you pick up your regulator, of course if you have a regulator with free parts you should bring the regulator in with the appropriate documentation about the free parts you received at purchase.

How long does equipment service take?

If we have the parts in stock, (and we have a lot of parts in stock), then your regulator will be done in one week.  Regardless, you will receive a phone call within the week, usually within 3 days.  Regulators that need repairs that may require us to order parts, the technician will communicate that with you within the week.  Visual inspections are one week or less, but hydrostatic tests, (required every 5 years for tanks), may be up to three weeks.

Can I get same day service for my scuba equipment?

We offer you the opportunity to make a service booking here in advance. To schedule the booking, please contact our service manager, Matt Kuderik, at the email address provided below.

Let us know which regulator model or gear type you are bringing in when you fill out the appointment form. Turn in your equipment in before 10am the day of your appointment, and we will have it done by 4pm same day. There is no fee for booking the service, however normal service rates apply.

Email our Service Center Manager 2 weeks ahead of the same day service date of your choice

I have a question about equipment service.

Matthew Kuderik is the service manager, if you have any questions about the service department, you may contact him.  If you have a large lot of equipment to turn in, or technical equipment like OTS underwater comms, DPVs, or rebreathers, it is good idea to start communication in advance of drop off so that we reserve time to service your equipment in a timely manner.  Matt Kuderik can be reached at

3 reasons to have your regulator serviced

You can’t remember the last time you did it. Don’t worry, you are not the first or the last to admit this.  However, if you can’t remember when the last service had been, then you definitely need a service.

You are not as diligent as you should be about cleaning your regulator after every dive.  We get it, you just had some epic dives and the last thing you want is to spend time cleaning your gear like you should.  So instead you do a quick dunk in the tank and call it good. Sorry to burst your bubble, but is sticky stuff.  If you don’t clean your equipment as you should, then your regulator could probably use some service.  Bring it to us and we will make it like new.

hings just don’t feel right.  The truth is that even the most expensive regulators can start to act strange after several dives.  This is even more true if you dive often or are relaxed with cleaning.   At the first sign of trouble, come in and let us take a look.  It may just be a lose screw or it could be something bigger… either way, we will fix you up and have you out diving with confidence in no time.