Friday Morning Wreck and Drift Dives

Flat seas are always a welcome luxury when diving in the open Pacific and our divers were treated to just that on Friday for our two-tank wreck/drift dives. Baby barge was our first destination, a wreck that sits in 85 feet which is home to a variety of sea turtles and moray eels; the water was a beautiful shade of purple/blue and the visibility was well over 100 feet. After a surface interval we dropped in at Spitting Caves for our drift dive. This site is always a pleasure as corals and turtles are abundant; we were even blessed with some white tip reef shark sightings.

Saturday Afternoon Double Reef Dive

It was another beautiful Hawaiian afternoon in Maunalua Bay aboard the Enzo as summer settles in. There was an eclectic assortment of first timers, open water scuba students, and certified divers on board which allowed for the creation of many different types of lasting memories. Hawaiian waters never cease to amaze and all were treated to turtles, moray eels, and stunning underwater topography.

Lake Maunalua Bay

It was one of those spectacular days out on waters of the southeast side of Oahu. We had a nice group of divers today was we headed for the LCU for the first dive. There was a little rain but crystal clear, blue water as we tied up to the site. There was no current and a good 100+ ft viz. We had fish all over the wreck with schools of barracuda, snapper, and goatfish and even found a small white tip reef shark hiding under a cement block.  Coming up from the dive we had no wind and completely calm water as we sat through our surface interval.

Fantastic Mother’s Day Dives! 5/14

The day started out with some beautiful blue skies here on Maunalua Bay.  We had a full boat, lots of students and some down right happy divers.  Baby Barge was our first site of the day.  We had some current today but all of our divers were up for the challenge.  We were visited by turtles, eels and octopus at this site.  Our photographers on the boat were pretty happy with all wild life at the boat of the sea.

A Day of Nitrox Diving

Today was a wonderful day on the waters of south Oahu with a great group of divers. We had most of the boat diving enriched air nitrox with a few of the guys finishing up there EAN class.  We had planned to tie up for the first dive but as we got to the barges we had a ripping current and opted for a barge drift. It is such a wonderful dive being able to drift past Baby Barge, New Barge, and the LCU in one dive. There were turtles all around the Baby Barge and fish life throughout the dive. We even saw two massive ulua on New Barge.

Thursday Afternoon Reef Dives

Another beautiful Hawaiian afternoon in Maunalua Bay with Open Water students and certified divers aboard the Enzo; final preparations were made and dock lines were cast off. The winds were light, the sun was shining, and the swell was down, creating fantastic diving conditions. In addition to learning valuable new underwater skills, our divers were treated to an enchanting assortment of turtles, moray eels, colorful reef fishes, and corals on our afternoon trip.

Aloha Friday Dives

Today was an absolutely gorgeous morning out on the water. Totally flat seas and crystal clear water. Always nice on the boat to have a break from the wind out here. We had an awesome group of divers with us today. We headed out to the LCU for our first dive. There was a white tip reef shark underneath the LCU today and three spotted eagle rays cruising around it. We were also able to spot an octopus hiding on top of the wreck.  The giant school of barracuda that has been hanging around was there again today. We had an awesome dive in some awesome conditions. Second dive site we went to today was Fantasy Reef. Visibility was a little lower than at the LCU but that didn’t stop us from seeing tons of turtles! We probably saw at least 10 different turtles. We found another little octopus and a couple moray eels. We also had an inquisitive and large barracuda come check us out during our safety stop. Overall two amazing dives. Thanks to everyone for coming out and diving with us. Hope to see everyone back out there again soon. A very special congratulations to Mike for finishing his Advanced Open Water certification today! Way to go Mike!

Friday Reef Dives

After several rainy overcast days we finally caught a break in the weather and were treated to a healthy dose of light winds and Vitamin D. Preparations were made aboard the Enzo and we set out into Maunalua Bay to see what aquatic delights awaited us. We tied up to our first dive site, Koko Craters, at about 1:30 pm and made the plunge shortly thereafter. A delightful assortment of turtles, fish, and even a white tip reef shark greeted our divers during the 45 minutes we spent in the 78-degree water.  After a short surface interval filled with the obligatory intake of sweet and salty snacks we found ourselves at our second dive site of the day, Angler’s Reef; a 45 ft. ledge filled with a tantalizing assortment of tropical reef fishes, corals, and invertebrates. Our divers were also treated to a 10-minute game of hide and seek, courtesy of a young, inquisitive octopus. It was an excellent afternoon of diving.

Double Drifting Monday!! 4/18 AM

It was a blustery start to the day today but the weather cleared quickly as the dive boat headed out to the sites.  We drifted off the LCU wreck today and headed west after that.  The barracuda were out like crazy today, hundreds of them. We explored parts of the ocean floor that we seldom get to see.  Never knowing what you will see out there is pretty exciting.  So many reef fish around on this dive and the cutest little free swimming octopus.  It’s always fun to do this drift when we get the chance.

Amazing Monday!! AM 4/10

The sun was shining and the divers ready to take on the morning dives.  We started with a trip to the Corsair but the current was a bit strong.  As divers do we changed up our plan and headed to Baby Barge. On the way there the last of the whales gave us a lovely whale watch. What a good choice this was.  We were greeted on Baby Barge with so many turtles we couldn’t count them.  Yellow margin moray eels, to many reef fish to count, nudi’s and even an Octopus!  It was a great day there and a hot bed of activity.  After everyone boarded the boat and we were doing gear change overs there were DOPHINS!  It was a super pod and they stayed with us for over 45 minutes during our surface interval.  Not to mention…..the Whales came back!