Monday Afternoon Reef Diving

It was another glorious afternoon in Hawaii as the Sea Fox set out into Maunalua Bay with a boat load of certified divers and open water students.  All were treated to an ample supply of sea turtles and tropical fishes.

Dive Sites:  Angler’s Reef, 40 ft., Turtle Canyons, 40 ft.

Clear Weather and Waters

It was a wonderful day out on the Sea Fox today off the southeast side of Oahu.  The water was crystal clear as we dropped in on the Kahala Barge.  As we got down to the site there were reef fish all about with schools of pyramid butterflyfish and wrasses swimming around. We also spotted  a yellow hairy hermit crab hiding out in the wreck.

Friday Morning Drift Diving

Another beautiful morning in Maunalua Bay; the sun was shining and the winds were down.  We opted to do two drift dives due to the strong incoming tidal current.  The visibility was outstanding and good times were had by all.

Dive Sites: Fantasy Reef, Max Depth 55 ft. and Spitting Caves, Max Depth 60 ft.

Summer Fun on Oahu

It was a nice day out on the water this morning, scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu.  We had a wonderful group of divers all diving nitrox as we headed to the LCU for the first dive. We had some current as we tied up to the site and some great visibility as we got down the line. There were fish all about the wreck with wrasses, butterflyfish, and snapper swimming about. There were also a couple turtle s resting on the top of the wreck. Soon we were off to the second dive site.

Monday Morning Diving

Today was a glorious day on the water with over 100 feet of visibility, calm seas and light winds. Delightful times were had by all.

Dive Sites: Corsair, max depth 107 ft., 100+ ft. visibility

Spitting Caves: max depth 60ft., 100 ft. visibility

Weekend Diving

Today was a delightful charter chock full of Open Water Students, Certified Divers, and first timers. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the seas were flat. Our divers enjoyed excellent underwater visibility and dove with a variety of Hawaiian sea creatures.

Dive Sites: Koko Craters, max depth 36 ft., 100+ ft. visibility

Underwater Bliss

We love catering to eclectic boatfuls of saltwater enthusiasts here at Island Divers.  Last Saturday we hosted a healthy mix of introductory, certified, open water, and advanced open water students/divers. The wind was a bit stiff but that didn’t stop our adventurous bunch from having a blast under the waves.

Saturday Afternoon Saltwater Therapy

It’s always a welcome treat to have a full boat of divers on our afternoon charters. The sun was shining, the breeze was cooling, and the seas were fair. Our destinations were Koko Craters and Angler’s reef; two dive sites that offer the perfect mix of stunning underwater topography and diverse marine life. Both dives were replete with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and a variety of moray eels – the 150 feet of underwater visibility didn’t hurt either.

The Clear Maunalua Bay

It was an absolutely wonderful morning scuba diving off the south east coast of Oahu today. We had a great group of divers as we headed out to the Corsair for the first dive. Dropping in the water we had no current and 100 ft of visibility. It was the perfect time to dive the site. We had fish all over the site with wrasses, tangs, and soldier fish hiding in the wreck and snapper and butterfly fish swimming about. There are also tons of garden eels all around the site. But soon it was time to head up and move on to the second site.