Diving at the end of the Road – at the base of the Kaena Point Trailhead

August 19th Club Beach dive

So this past weekend the Oahu Scuba Diving club headed out to Makaha Beach for a BBQ and a couple of dive from the beach to Makaha Caverns, what made this dive special is that the club had the South Seas II moored near the caverns, so divers were able to take a surface interval on the boat and change tanks out there.  Pretty cool event that is free to club members.  If you haven’t joined, you probably should.  Here are a few pics.  Scroll down if you want to read about the Kaena Point shore dive that broke out at this event.

Freediving Charters

Freediving Charters

Many of you probably know that freediving is a rapidly growing sport, and freediving on Oahu is no exception.  On August 11th, with the support of members of the Oahu Freedivers Facebook group, we organized our first freediving charter through sister company Oahu Dolphin Divers which operates the South Seas II on the Waianae coast.  The trip was a success, and everyone local said they would be back.  We will be able to improve the event with more down lines for line diving, and better surface rigs.  Assuming continued support from the freediving community, these charters will become regular events, monthly for now and more if demand increases.  The next event is Saturday Sept 15th at 1pm departing from Waianae Small boat harbor.  The price is only $40 and participants bring their own personal freediving equipment.  Here is the link if you would like to book the next charter

Mind Blowing Tuesday… 4 10 2018

Well fellow divers as I write this blog entry my mind is still a bit numb from the event of yesterday. So bear with me…

The day began as a blustery Tuesday morning broke while we exited Maunalua Bay. On board the Sea Fox were an excited team of divers consisting of Adam, David, Duane, Joe, Kate, Robert, Taylor, Stacey, Bailley,  and Tom. We decided to drop on our first dive site: LCU.

Manta Monday ! WOOHOO! 1-29-2018

A beautiful Monday broke out on Island this morning with a light breeze, sunshine, and a band of fun loving scuba divers consisting of Aaron, Brian, Hannah, Jaya, Jonathan, Stephanie, and Andy. The Sea Fox pulled away from the dock right on schedule and after a brief vote it was decided to try Corsair. As fate would have it the current was RIPPING as it sometimes is, but the luck of Poseidon looked up at us and we redirected to do a double drift: Sea Cave and Spitting Caves!

Year End Scuba Adventures

As the year 2017 begins to wrap up, I look back at all the great people I met through the year, all the fantastic adventures I’ve had, and on to 2018 which I know will be even better! Today was no exception… I had a fantastic group of divers made up of Corrinna, Jennie, John, Pat, Scott, Katelyn, Brian, and Taylor. We found that as we reached LCU there was a very strong current. so we decided to drift the barges, which is one of my favorite things to do. We do a negative entry as we drop down on the LCU, then head in the direction of the current as we pass over other wreck sites. It requires some skill and experience in diving, so not for the beginner.  The dive was awesome with good visibility  as we entered the LCU, drifted along over Z Blocks, and finished the dive over New Barge.

Awesome Thursday Diving

Always great to have a smaller group for a morning advanced dive on the Sea Fox. Today we were happy to have Katie, Victor, Ryan, Bailey, and Jackie join us on a Thursday morning that turned out to be beautiful both above and below the water. Water temps have begun to drop, but the cooler waters bring our most famous visitors to Maunalua Bay: Humpback Whales!

Hump Day Hullabaloo!

A windy Wednesday met our 3 divers Andrew, Joel, and David as the Sea Fox left the dock headed to our first destination: LCU. The sunken transport WW2 era ship that seems to be a hotbed of activity here in Maunaloa Bay. Its one of my favorite site due to the amount of life found here. Today was no different…

Divers under glass!

We love diving in Maunalua Bay on any day because of all the life and wrecks that are hidden under her waters. But there are days that can only be classified as EPIC and today was one of those days. 2 lucky divers joined me today aboard the Sea Fox: Monica and Rob. They chose to dive the wreck LCU as our first dive site, and she did not disappoint us. We were met by an ocean that looked like glass on the surface and perfect conditions at the site: 100 ft plus visibility and no current. We dropped down the lines and into the upside down wreck…

October Fest of Diving!

It was a beautiful sunny day and Captain Joe just got done with his briefing. We headed out into Maunalua Bay and the 82 degree water looked very inviting. We made our way to Koko Craters which had good visibility and a max depth of 36 ft. We had some mild current underneath, but didn’t stop us from seeing turtles, pufferfish, hawaiian state fish, trumpetfish, seargant majors, and star pillows.

Aloha Friday Drifting!

A beautiful Aloha Friday broke out this morning as our fearless dive group boarded the Sea Fox looking forward to an exciting day out in Maunalua Bay. Ready to explore the ocean blue was Aaron, Alex, Andrew, Dustin, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Heather, Grady, Tammy, John, Marcus, Matt and Ty. A great group of excited and experienced divers. We set our sites on LCU, but with a ripping current it was decided that we would DRIFT THE BARGES! YAY MY FAVORITE! We dropped down onto Baby Barge first…