Great day out at the LCU!

Braving some moderate winds and some surface chop, our certified divers boarded the Enzo looking for high adventure under the rolling ocean. Divers  Brian S., Brian B., Carlos, Craig, Devon, Jared, Paul, Dray, and Megan,  were set to dive out in Maunalua  Bay in Hawaii Kai. After gearing up and getting our boat and dive briefings we were headed out to the bay and our first stop: the Landing Craft Utility or LCU.

Double Wall Drift

Today was an absolutely beautiful day out on the boat! We had a great group of divers on the boat as we headed out into the bay this morning. The conditions were perfect, light winds, flat seas, and amazing visibility. The perfect day for a double wall drift! We started our first dive at Spitting Caves and meandered along the wall with current. Just a couple minutes into the dive is when the turtles started showing up. We probably saw at least 8 different turtles throughout the dive! We also found a scorpion fish camouflaged on the wall. We saw a couple large moray eels, yellow margin and spotted, and quite a few small ones, snowflake moray. We also found two imperial nudibranches. Really small but really beautiful. After a beautiful and relaxing 45 minute drift we hoped back up on the boat and soaked up some sun during our surface interval. We jumped back in just a little bit further down the wall from where we left off and drifted towards seacave. Again tons of awesome stuff along the wall. More moray eels. Massive schools of butterfly fish. We were lucky enough to spot a frogfish. Pretty ugly fish but awesome to see. We also saw the biggest barracuda I have ever seen. It was somewhere around 5 feet long. Absolutely massive. Inside the seacave there were 3 white tip reef sharks! We also found a big porcupine pufferfish inside the cave and quite a few blue dragon nudibranches. It was two magnificent dives. A great day out on the boat with some great dive buddies.

Shark, Rays, Eels, Oh My Monday! AM 1/30

Yan and Si came out for an amazing dive today.  They braved the winds we had this morning and went to LCU and Fantasy Reef today.

Friday the 13th Dives

Today was another gorgeous day out on the boat in Maunalua Bay. We had an excited group of divers on the boat ready to blow some bubbles on the fine aloha friday. The current was kicking pretty strong so we decided to do a double drift today. First drift we did was a really cool dive called the Barge Drift. We have quite a few wreck dives out here in Maunalua Bay and few of them are close enough that if you navigate correctly you can hit multiple of them on one dive! So that’s what we did. We started out at the shark cave just west of baby barge where we were greeted by a pretty large, 5 foot maybe (everything looks bigger underwater..), white tip reef shark. We then cruised along the ledge until we hit baby barge. There were tons a fish around the wreck today and a massive barracuda lurking in the middle of the water column. We then kept cruising along the ledge and found a devil scorpion fish, a master of disguise. After finding a couple moray eels we hit the rock piles. Large cement blocks all dropped for the purpose of artificial reefs. There are great big schools of fish that hang around these rock piles. Then we hit our second wreck, New Barge. At this point we started making our accent and completed our safety stop. Just as we were hitting the surface after our safety stop we ended up right over top of the LCU. An awesome dive with lots of cool stuff to see. The second drift we did today was Keanu Reef. A 70 foot reef with great big coral heads. There were quite a few moray eels around the reef today, both small and big. We found a blue dragon nudibranch, love those little guys. And as we were doing our safety stop a spotted eagle ray swam underneath us! Overall a great day of diving with some great dive buddies. Hope to see everyone out on the boat again soon. Aloha!

Amazing Dives to End the Year

We had some amazing dives off the Seafox this morning. The ocean gave us a pretty good show to end the year with a bang. We had a fun and excited group with us out on the boat today. First dive site we went to was the LCU. Visibility was beautiful today. We dropped down to 90 feet and cruised underneath the wreck to check out the fish and see what was hiding underneath today. As soon as we came back out we were greeted by a group of 7 spotted eagle rays! They were cruising in the current right next to the wreck. So awesome to see those guys up close. On the front of the wreck we found a slipper lobster. Then we went and checked out the blocks surrounding the wreck and found two white tip reef sharks. It was a beautiful dive at the LCU. For the second dive we went to Fantasy Reef. We had crystal clear visibility over the reef today was well. We found a beautiful flounder swimming along the bottom at the beginning of the dive. At least 10 turtles throughout the dive. Another white tip reef shark sleeping in a little cave. A couple barracuda. Quite a few moray eels, one of the yellow margin morays out swimming around! But the highlight of the dive was the great big hawaiian stingray. A rare sight to see and it was absolutely amazing. With about a 6 foot wingspan this creature was nothing short of incredible. It was a great drift across fantasy reef this morning with some great dive buddies. So glad everyone came out diving with us this morning and hope to see you all on the boat again soon! And a special congratulations to Claire for completing her nitrox certification today! Dive on!

Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through Maunalua Bay sea creatures were swimming and roaming about. Today we had a great group of divers on the boat for some Christmas diving celebrations. With great underwater conditions we headed out to LCU for our wreck dive. The visibility was over 100 feet today at LCU! It really was beautiful down there. We saw one spotted eagle ray cruising around the wreck for almost our entire 30 minute dive. We also found a white tip reef shark napping underneath one of the cement blocks. And a hawaiian green sea turtle even stopped by the wreck to say hello. A few moray eels around the wreck today and tons of fish milling about. A beautiful and relaxing dive on the wreck today. We headed back up to the boat for some hot chocolate and made our way over to Fantasy reef for the drift dive. The visibility was incredible at fantasy reef today as well. We had a great drift along the reef with lots and lots of sea creatures along the way. In one hole we found some unlikely friends sharing the christmas spirit, a yellow margin moray, a slipper lobster, and a swimming crab all in the same hole! We saw lots of different moray eels along the reef today. Quite a few sea turtles. Another white tip reef shark, sleeping again, feeling the holiday slumber. And to top it all off, a christmas miracle, two massive frog fish! Overall an awesome day of diving with some awesome dive buddies. Thanks to all our return dive buddies for coming back to see us and to all my new dive buddies from today I hope to see you out on the boat again soon! And a special congratulations to Mehrdad and Laura for completing the nitrox specialty! Happy Holidays to all!

Spotted Eagle Rays for Aloha Friday

Today was a beautiful day out on the boat. We finally got a break from the strong winds and got some warm sunshine! It was great on top of the water and underneath today. For our first dive we went to LCU. The visibility was 100+ today. We dropped down to the wreck at 90 feet and took a cruise around spotting a couple moray eels, a blue dragon nudibranch, some adorable reef fish, a giant school of barracuda, but the main attraction today was the school of 11 spotted eagle rays! Always awesome to see these guys and super special to see so many of them! They are so graceful as they glide in the current. It was an awesome dive. But the fun didn’t stop there. We went to fantasy reef for our second dive. An exciting 50 minute drift along the reef with lots to see. We saw at least 10 turtles throughout the dive, an octopus, a couple more barracudas, imperial nudibranches, a porcupine fish, a devil scorpion fish, and a massive trident trumpet. Oh and of course a few more moray eels. It was an awesome dive with some awesome dive buddies. Hope to see everyone out on the boat again soon! Aloha!

Whales are Back!!!! 11/07 am dive

The water was glassy and clear this Monday morning.  A beautiful day for a dive, always nice with winter here and we get these conditions.  The first thing we saw as we dropped down on LCU was a very pregnant white tip reef shark.  She really wanted nothing to do with us but she didn’t want to move much from where she was laying.  We got a couple shots of her up and moving but she made it clear that laying down was what she wanted.  The turtles were very active at LCU also.  Swimming around and under the wreck and also one sleeping with his head resting in one of the props down there.  Kind of ironic that of all places was the choice to sleep.  Also got to see some eels, an octopus and two very curious eagle rays.  This was a great dive!

Aloha Friday Fun

Today was a great day out on the Seafox. The conditions were great both above and below the water. We had an excited group of divers on the boat as we headed out to our first dive site. The first dive we did this morning was the Corsair. The water was crystal clear as we descended down to 107 feet where the plane sits in the sand. As we made our way down to the wreck we noticed two huge octopi sitting on the wing! They slowly hid themselves under the wing as we approached them but they were massive! We found Bertha, the resident yellow margin moray, underneath the wing as well. We also found a leaf scorpion fish on the wreck. Lots of great stuff today. As we were headed back to the line at the end of the dive I turned around to take one last look at the octopi and they were back out on top of the wing slowly making there way towards each other. The moment we had all been waiting for. The male octopus slowly put his tentacle into her mantle. It was happening, octopus sex. What an epic dive. We headed back up to the surface to give them a bit of privacy to do their thing. The second dive site we went to today was Spitting Caves. There were not any animals procreating but it was still a great dive. We saw two white tip reef sharks, quite a few moray eels, a couple devil scorpion fish and tons of reef fish swimming around. It was a relaxing drift along the wall with awesome visibility. Overall a great morning of diving and some great dive buddies. Until next time! Aloha.

Got Eagle Rays?? 11/02 AM dive

LCU is always amazing for sea life and today was no different.  We dropped down and right off the bat we saw 8 eagle rays!!  So exciting to see so many at once.  We took a look under the wreck then out the other side.  When we were exploring the z blocks and culvert pipes out there we found the cutest white tip reef shark.  This shark swam around us for quite a while as we made our way back to the wreck.  The eagle rays stayed right around us the whole dive and put on a nice show.  At the top of the wreck we took our time exploring everything and found a really cool reticulated butterfly fish, not something we see everyday!!