that is what John said to me after out second dive of the day!  At the age of 70, he has been an avid diver since his high school days, so he knows what he is talking about!    And that dive was a site we call SPITTING CAVE, so named after a cave at the surface that spits out water after being hit by the right wave.  And he has an undeniable point, as this dive site has so much to offer!  marine life runs the spectrum from large to small, humpback whales (nov – march) to blue dragon nudibranchs.  as well as sharks, seals, turtles, octopus, shoals of reef fish, eagle rays, frog fish. . .  ok, you get the picture.  Oh, and don’t forget the spectacular volcanic topography – canyons, caves, soft lava rock, shaped by centuries of strong currents.  i have been around the world diving, and it is one of my favorite dives also!  thanks to all for safe diving, larry, courtnie, and captain matt

Koko craters    38 ft    43 min   120 viz

Spitting cave     50 ft   47 min   150 viz

DSC02411 DSC02404 DSC02407

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