well, as you can probably guess, we also love the dive site we call Spitting Cave!  there is a cave at sea level, and when the waves are hitting it hard, it spits that wave right back out!  and why do we love it?  because the is so much marine life there, as well as splendid visuals of walls and caves and canyons.  within all these caves, we often find sharks, turtles, and sometimes, monk seals.  all  wonderful to see, but there is certainly something special about an underwater meeting with these rare mammals, the hawaiian monk seal.  they have a level of awareness that is striking, as they will move closer, cock their necks, and calmly gaze into your eyes.  quite a fascinating experience!  perfect current for a drift, with nice viz, and tons of other marine life!  first dive was LCU, where we saw an eagle ray, turtles, octopus, as well as a cool wreck!  thanks to all for safe diving!  larry, joe

LCU  92 ft.   40 min   120 viz

Spitting Cave  50 ft.   50 min  150 viz

DSC02736 DSC02760 DSC02799

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