for me sharks are always just so compelling to dive with.  there is definitely some primordial connection with these creatures that stirs the blood and fascinates the eye!  The downed airplane is at 107 feet, and this day, conditions were perfect – mild current and great viz.  coming down the line from the Sea Fox i was surprised and excited to see that so-recognizable form of a shark swimming lazily around the wreck.  I have seen the occasional big shark here, but they usually just a quick shadow that fades into the mist.  this shark, a white tip, was using the wreck for some resting cover, but came out to cruise the plane with us humans.  great dive!  second dive was the Kahala  Barge, a great wreck for penetration.  and guess what?  another shark!  thanks to all for safe diving, larry, joe

corsair  107 ft  35 min  150 viz

kahala 90 ft     45 min   150 viz


DSC03595 DSC03509 - Version 2-imp


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