SHARKS OR EAGLE RAYS ??? !!! 28 may

Or both!  plus octopus and giant turtles!  not to speak of a cool wreck or two to explore!  that was our dive day today, and there were lots of smiles on the boat!  the Landing Craft, or LCU for short, had mild current and excellent viz, well over 100 feet, and we cruised underneath and around the wreck spotting sharks and rays, plus a well hidden octopus!  large schools of various reef fish were shoaling around as well!  2nd dive was over at Baby Barge, where we visited the shark cave, finding a big whitetip who was happy to see us, and came out and showed us his swimming style while cruising around us!  huge turtles around the wreck, as well as more octopus!  current was mild, viz was great!  thanks to all for safe diving!  Larry, mary, joe

LCU   92 ft   39 min

baby barge  80 ft   34 min

DSC04827 - Version 2 DSC04838 DSC04902

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