TAKO TUESDAY !! 7 june

Tako or taco, we love them both!!  but I’ll take seeing a tako (octopus) underwater anytime over eating a taco after the dive!  our 2nd dive today was a drift of spectacular Fantasy Reef, where we found the aforementioned octopus, as well as 2 sharks, a plethora of huge green sea turtles, free-swimming moray eels, countless reef fish, amidst amazing volcanic topography! the current was perfect for a slow drift, so we meandered our way across one of our favorite dive sites!   the first dive was Landing Craft, or LCU, and we were lucky enough to spot a flock of eagle rays flying in slow motion by the wreck!  beautiful.  also a shark and huge school of barracuda.  despite the brisk current, there were lots of smiling divers as we motored in!  thanks to all for safe diving,  larry, kendal

LCU  90 ft    35 min   150 viz

fantasy  50 ft  49 min  150 viz

DSC05835 DSC05817 Image 3


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