and resting on the ocean floor is the wreck of the Corsair airplane.  this plane, way back in 1946, took off from Hickam AFB, quickly developed engine problems, and was safely landed in the ocean off Oahu’s southern shore.  that talented pilot came back years later and dove down to 107 feet where his plane rests.  this dive site is a magnet for airplane pilots and Corsair fans from all over the world, and  it’s a 10 minute boat ride from our shop, so we meet lots of them!  it is a small site, and best dove on nitrox to extend your no deco time, giving you a chance to really examine the plane and site.  i have seen so many different small and large critters there over the years, and that cast of characters is always changing.  often there are morays and slipper lobsters in the engine or cockpit. or an octopus in the wing, or a crab in the tail.  schools of fish are around and inside the fuselage.  also frog fish, crocodile snake eels, sharks, and hawaii sting rays!  But one of the constant treats is the thousands of garden eels swaying in the sand all around the wreck.  a must do dive site for adventurous divers!  thanks to all for safe diving!  larry, mary, joe, grace

corsair 107 ft   150 viz   25 min

fantasy reef  50 ft  150 viz  50 min

DSC08064 DSC08094 DSC08080

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