hard to describe what a treat it is to see a Hawaiin Monk Seal !  they are big, swift-moving, and often intelligently curious.  they can gracefully appear and disappear like a shadow in the water. Or they can swim right up to you, trying to get a good look at your face, cocking their head, and gazing into your eyes.  the energy coming out from their eyes is not aggressive, but friendly and curious.  like someone taking a second look at you because you look familiar.  i have even had my head tickled by their whiskers, the next level of checking you out!  amazing creatures.  we saw this guy on our second dive, which was at Spitting Cave, on the wall outside Hanauma Bay.  world class diving every time there!  volcanic topography and myriad marine critters, from huge turtles to tiny nudibranchs!  and everything in between!  first dive was also quite nice, at the Landing Craft, or LCU, where we spotted a huge eagle ray, and snuck right up behind him!  thanks to all for safe diving,  larry, courtnie, capt. joe.

lcu  90 ft   30 min  100 viz

spitting cave  50 ft   50 min  120 viz



DSC08430 - Version 2 DSC08436 DSC08480

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  1. Bob F.
    Bob F. says:

    To our Friendship Larry,
    I miss You, but also know you are so happy now. I will never forget our greetings in the most wonderful “Kingdom” of Hawaii and your most gracious oversight while diving with you. Your photos always made me jealous and I always wanted to do the same. It is a wonder to know you and your Love.


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