Beginner Divers Dream Day on the Barge!

Wow. What an amazing day we had recently on the beginner divers boat lovingly called the Barge. With Captain Chris at the helm, I knew we were in great hands. The ocean was as calm as I’ve ever seen looking more like a big lake than the sometimes tumultuous sea and the visibility seemed infinite. With 10  first time divers on board, the day was shaping up to be perfect. Suddenly, as if the day was meant to be special, the divers on board were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of dolphins, which typically don’t make appearances this close in shore! I quickly gathered everyone to finish the dive briefing so that we could start making our way onto the dive site with the hopes of possibly seeing the dolphins underwater if their curiosity got the best of them. So with the help of Tim, the deckmaster, we quickly got our divers into the water, worked on the skills needed for a first time dive, and started our dive. Our first dive we would not be successful in finding the dolphins underwater, but turtles, beautiful nudibranchs, and eels made special appearances and the dolphins could be heard playfully whistling and squeaking in the background. Time comes for the second dive and the dolphins are still close by but as we descend no sign of them. Luckily the conditions are beautiful and we see around 6 turtles, 2 scorpionfish, two trembling nudibranch, eels galore, and a gorgeous horned helmet conch. But just as it was time to start making our way back to the boat the lucky divers with me started pointing into the distance and waving for my attention.



We slowly turn and swim towards them to get a better look and spend a few minutes watching them. After the dive they followed the boat halfway home to the sounds of some pretty excited divers. Congratulations to all the first time divers on an awesome dive day!

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