Sunday Three Tank Adventures

With beautiful weather and great conditions our sunday adventures were set to start off the right way. Like many days before the Corsair was a bucket list fir many in our group so that is where we started day.

At 107ft of max depth our group of 13 divers made two drops down to visit the only true wreck on our side of the island. With a little current and great visability our time was not wasted visiting this small piece of history.

Once our dive on the Corsair was complete and we used the long surface interval to motor around Diamon Head we set our sights on the next dive, The YO-257.

The YO-257 is a great dive site(probably one of best on island) as ut is actually a duel wreck with a smaller vessal, The San Pedro, sitting only 70 ft off its port side. The conditions did not let us down and again with small current and great visability our group of divers were able to drop down to its 100+ ft of depths.

While down were were treated with interactions if local marine life such as White Tip reed sharks, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays and a variety of fish species.

While down there we became a bit of an attraction ourselves as the ever present Atlantis Submarine passed by many times carrying her group of passengers.

For our final dive of the day we headed our way back around Diamond Head did one our favorite spots, Fantasy Reef.

This drift dive has a max depth of 55ft and with the great condition we continued to have it was like diving in an aquarium. Many Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Moray Eels, large schools of Butterfly Fish, and Great Barracuda were present here giving us a wonderful finish to an already great day of diving adventures.

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