Scuba Diving Lessons For All Levels in Oahu, Hawaii

Scuba Diving Lessons For All Levels in Oahu, HawaiiScuba Diving Lessons For All Levels in Oahu, Hawaii

Where should you dive for your first time or for your hundredth dive?  A dive center with the capabilities of offering all persons of all levels comfortable and unforgettable experiences is a winning choice.  You want to be able to bring your friends and family of all diving skill levels together to experience on their own the freedom and excitement of scuba diving.  Island Divers has an array of beginner to advanced diving options for everyone.

For Beginners:

You can try your first breaths underwater in a pool while learning a few skills to make you more confident to then dive with your instructor in open water. Through our Discover Scuba Dive Experience those who have never had the opportunity to breath underwater can get the brief training and experience with wonderful astute instructors to guide you while diving the reefs of Oahu.

Once you realize the joy of diving, getting your Open Water certification will be your next opportunity to move forward to being a certified independent diver. Island Divers offers many options to fit your schedule. You can take our Week Long Open Water Course that is tailored for those working 9-5pm. You can do a 3 day course picking your days to complete the course. Maybe you can start on Monday but then can’t do the next day till Saturday.


No worries!

Our Instructors will always be there to complete the course on your time. Really want to buckle down, study hard, and complete your Open Water Course over 2 intensive days? We can do it with our Accelerated Open Water Course. Any of the choices you choose above will always be lead by our valued instructors and you will be provided the top of the line equipment and diving with one of the only operations in Oahu that owns and operates their own boats! Diving doesn’t just stop with Open Water certification; there are many paths you can take as a diver. A three day Advanced Course will get you oriented with deep diving, wreck diving, and navigating yourself around dive sites. You become more confident in your abilities to be a good diver and a good dive buddy. After this you can focus your dive education into many different specialties.

Advanced Divers:

Specialty certifications are our Specialty!! What do you love about diving? Do you love the fish, the weightlessness and controlling your weight as you glide through the water ahead of you, the penetration of a wrecked vessel sitting on the ocean floor, or the joy of underwater photography?  We offer you many different courses to hone your skill in a specialized area of diving. There are over 20+ specialties that you can get certified in and educate yourself in all facets of diving. You are now ready to be a Master Scuba Diver, the top of the diving food chain for recreational divers.

Want to move on to train as professional diver? Island Divers can take you there!  Hawaii Scuba University is our GI Bill benefit approved program to take you from any level of diving to a Divemaster or an Instructor.  This is an amazing opportunity if you wish to become the Inspiration to others like your Instructor was for you. Enjoy the lifestyle of being a professional scuba diver and the satisfaction of seeing the love for diving being born in others as it did in you. Let us here at Island Divers Hawaii give you the experience of a lifetime, as well as the opportunity to continue to progress in the world of diving with the best prices on the island!

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