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4 Things You Should Know Before Going Scuba Diving for the First Time in Hawaii

Before venturing into the deep blue for your first Hawaiian underwater excursion, there are a few things you need to know. First up: safety should never be compromised, as being properly prepared is the best way to enjoy a safe and secure dive. We want to make sure you feel relaxed and ready to explore […]

Vacation Scuba Diving Packages For Everyone

We are passionate about giving you the best diving experience possible, whether you are a beginner or an expert. It’s our job, and our pleasure – we love introducing people to the wonders of our local underwater paradise where they can feel the unbridled joy of swimming with tropical fish, exploring colorful reefs, and discovering […]

4 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Oahu, Hawaii

As Oahu’s premier dive center, we at Island Divers Hawaii definitely have the bead on the best scuba diving spots around the island. Because we live and breathe the diving lifestyle, we are super passionate about sharing our expertise and sense of adventure so that you can experience the same joy we feel every time […]

Island Divers Cozumel trip report with some of the best pictures and video clips from Palancar Reef

Cozumel was great!  I’ve been saying that a lot this week having just returned from the trip. If you want to hear from us about future trips, use this sign up button This is a preview of Island Divers Cozumel trip report with some of the best pictures and video clips from Palancar Reef. Read […]

Hawaii Scuba University Fun Dive at 100ft hole

Hawaii Scuba University is a professional diving school associated with Island Divers.  Alumni and current students get together once a month just for a fun dive.  We try and go to spots that are more challenging, dove less often, and where new dive instructors and dive master may have not yet been since they have […]

Scuba Diving Lessons For All Levels in Oahu, Hawaii

Where should you dive for your first time or for your hundredth dive? A dive center with the capabilities of offering all persons of all levels comfortable and unforgettable experiences is a winning choice. You want to be able to bring your friends and family of all diving skill levels together to experience on their own the freedom and excitement of scuba diving. Island Divers has an array of beginner to advanced diving options for everyone.

Boat Diving Adventures in Hawaii

Island Divers Hawaii offers some of the best boat charters on the island! You can choose from so many options you will not be able to do everything in one vacation. You can always jump on our morning charters and dive over eleven wrecks that we visit throughout the week. We are one of the only dive centers that do not go to the same two sites every day, and we give our customers the option to make requests on where they want to dive.

Professional Scuba Diving Instructors in Honolulu, Hawaii

There are many different characters in the diving industry, but who do you trust to take you in the water? How do you decide which Instructor is for you?If you are a new diver you want someone who is patient, experienced, and safety oriented. If you are an advanced diver you want a professional that respects your independence while staying close by as a safety diver. Either way, you want above all, clear communication between you and your instructors, with detailed briefings on what you are about to do.