A private charter with friends at Koko Craters

Sometimes it is good to be the boss. On Sundays we do the three tank dive charter, so the Sea Fox is often at the dock by 3pm. Okay, time to take out a couple of new friends and awesome people that we just spent a week hanging out with in Argentina. CJ and Paula got married there last month – grats again! Allll right, time for a private charter! Coti isn’t certified yet, so we did a shallow dive at Koko Craters and she did great. CJ, her brand new brother in law, made her feel very comfortable, and me, Andy, and Paula dove with them for the first half of the dive then went off exploring the rest of the dive site. Great dive, great viz, and afterwards we did a little early season whale watching and scored! Great day, and thanks for coming out!

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  1. Andres
    Andres says:

    Thanks for that incredible days! See you soon and island divers rocks! You made my wife loves scuba diving!

    Andres (argentina)


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