Island Divers Cozumel trip report with some of the best pictures and video clips from Palancar Reef

Cozumel was great!  I’ve been saying that a lot this week having just returned from the trip. If you want to hear from us about future trips, use this sign up button

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Arguably one of the best parts of being a dive shop owner is planning and going on dive trips around the planet.  Cozumel dive trips are some of the easiest to get to for a lot of former customers and guests.  I tend to forget from trip to trip how much I really enjoying doing these trips.  As Island Divers grows I trying to get a little more help with some of this planning, which has been working!  We already have a Big Island trip to Kona for the manta rays dives in May and a trip to Bonaire in early November planned.  You can view the trip flyers for these at Island Divers Dive Travel. For 2015 we have Palau in the works and Fiji at the Voli Voli resort later in the year, sometime July to Oct.  Details to be worked out by the end of this April.  Okay, enough about the future, let’s see hear about Cozumel.

This first video clip is on short one of what the canyons at the edge of Palancar Reef usually look like.  This reef runs miles along the west coast of Cozumel, and dive one of each day is usually done somewhere along this giant drop off.

Click on picture below to take you to the Island Divers Hawaii Facebook album with all the trip pictures.

Blue tipped anemone

Here is a great little 10 second video clip of a rarely seen sand crab

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