4 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Oahu, Hawaii

As Oahu’s premier dive center, we at Island Divers Hawaii definitely have the bead on the best scuba diving spots around the island. Because we live and breathe the diving lifestyle, we are super passionate about sharing our expertise and sense of adventure so that you can experience the same joy we feel every time we explore all that our rich waters have to offer.

Exceptional Underwater Adventure

The gorgeous island of Oahu has always been a top spot for adventurous souls. The capital city of Honolulu is here, along with the famed Waikiki, with its exceptional beaches and non-stop fun. With the phenomenal Diamond Head (Leahi) forming a stunning backdrop to an already pristine location, you will find exceptional underwater adventures here, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced diver.

A Variety of Great Dive Spots

In addition to the many wreck sites that you can visit in Oahu, there are an abundance of other incredible diving spots that will take your breath away. We’ve decided to create a short list that fit the bill for beginner to advanced divers:

1) North Shore Diving – Waimea Wall is one of our favorite spots and is located on Oahu’s North Shore. From 25 to 60 feet deep, it is ideal for beginner to advanced divers. Here you are up front and center with a huge range of underwater life, including Whitetip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Lobster, and assorted Shellfish.

2) South Shore Diving – Rainbow Reef and Magic Island make some of the best experiences for beginning divers, with no currents and a mere 20 to 60 feet depth. You’ll be swimming with some incredible companions, including Spotted Puffer fish, Moray eels, Triggerfish, Fantail Filefish, Manta Rays, Moorish Idols, and Green turtles, none of whom are the least bit shy about checking you out.

3) East Shore Diving – At 107 feet deep, Lanai Lookout is a challenging spot for advanced divers. With a great view to Lanai Island, this is the hidden habitat of eels, Whitetip Reef sharks, Spotted Eagle rays, octopi, green sea turtles, and much, much more.

4) West Shore Diving – If you are already an intermediate diver, you will love Mokolea, with waters from 35 to 70 feet deep. A seabird sanctuary, your underwater experience here will include parrotfish, goatfish, unicorn fish, Whitetip Reef sharks, lobster, Cauliflower coral, and Antler corals.

Begin the Exploration

For information on how to enjoy exceptional diving experiences with Island Divers Hawaii, please contact us today!

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