4 Things You Should Know Before Going Scuba Diving for the First Time in Hawaii

4 Things You Should Know Before Going Scuba Diving for the First Time in HawaiiBefore venturing into the deep blue for your first Hawaiian underwater excursion, there are a few things you need to know. First up: safety should never be compromised, as being properly prepared is the best way to enjoy a safe and secure dive. We want to make sure you feel relaxed and ready to explore the vast treasures of our beautiful underwater world by giving you a few tips before you venture forth.

Learn How All Your Dive Gear Functions

If this is your absolute first dive, you’ll be diving with equipment you have never used before. You need to become familiar and comfortable with each piece, and no question is a dumb question – so make sure you ask any questions to be sure. Our experienced dive team will help you identify and use all the necessary equipment that is required for scuba diving.

Techniques for Safe Diving

When diving with PADI-certified Island Divers Hawaii, you will get complete instruction in the basic skills for safe diving. From learning how to breathe through a scuba regulator, clear your mask of water, using hand signals, and other basics, you will feel totally comfortable before you do that first dive.

Mastering the Basics in a Controlled Dive Site

At Island Divers, you will first learn the basics in a morning pool session. After this we take you on a two-tank afternoon dive from one of our dive boats, where you’ll be in good hands with a professional PADI instructor all the time. Dives typically last from 35 to 45 minutes, in water no more than 40 feet deep.

Getting Certified

If you want to get certified, you can do so with our three-day PADI Open Water Certification course, which includes academic work online or via book followed by a pool session. The second day will include a checkout dive from a boat in the afternoon and then a training dive at a selected site, which you will do again on the third day.

Before you dive for first time, you will need to know the weather conditions, including the state of the ocean currents in the area in which you want to dive. We always make sure that the coast is clear – no pun intended – with conditions that are conducive to your experience. We will also find the best location for your dive.

In general, it is always best if you consult with a local dive shop before you go out in order to determine if there are regular storms in a given area. It is also best if you go out with an experienced dive instructor to help orient you and keep you safe until you become a more proficient diver.

Fall in Love with Underwater Wonders

Your first dive is a lot like your first love. Seeing the underwater world for the first time will knock your socks off and rock you from your mask to your fins. Surrounded by wildly colored and mysterious marine life, along with familiar faces from photos and film, such as eels, eagle rays, octopi, and more, you’ll be clamoring for your next dive! Give us a shout today to schedule your adventure with Island Divers Hawaii!

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