one of the many things  we love in diving – a nice deep wreck!  we have one we call Big Barge, as opposed to the famous turtle hangout, Baby Barge.  Big Barge is, well, bigger!  today there were several large ulua, or jacks inside the wreck.  and when i say large, i mean LARGE!  fun to seen, these fish are fast and sleek, moving like lightening!  always a treat to see up close! we were doing a Deep Dive for advanced students Abby and Ted, and they did a great job navigating through the wreck, and passed their narcosis tests with flying colors (well, Abby did).  2nd dive was a super treat over on Spitting cave where we saw so much marine life we didn’t know where to look!  turtles, sharks, octopus, frogfish, scorpion fish, eels, amidst the beautiful ocean-shaped volcanic topography of the site!  thanks to all for safe diving!  larry

big barge  90 ft   100 viz  35 min

spitting cave  50 ft  80 viz  50 min

DSC06784 DSC06799 DSC06829

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