is one of those survival TV shows, and it can be very entertaining, as it is quite fun watching people being afraid while they’re naked (and they’re not even dating)!  Fortunately  we don’t have to struggle to survive while diving on the Sea Fox, as it is a fantastic dive boat – big, fast, roomy, with a dry cabin, tasty snacks, drinks, hot towels, and functional head!  and awesome captains and crew!!  we had some marine biologists out with us today.  they are in Honolulu for a coral reef symposium, and wanted to get some underwater time in before sitting in the Convention center! we headed out and moored up at Fantasy reef so we could show them a spectacular coral reef.  and they loved it!!  we saw turtles, sharks, mating octopus, more turtles, eels, loads of reef fish.  after that we blew em away again on our 2nd dive, a drift, over at Spitting Cave, showing them marine life galore amidst the caves and canyons dotting the wall outside Hanauma bay.  lots of big smiles on the boat after those dives!  thanks to all for safe diving!

larry, vince, capn joe and kelsea


DSC07288 DSC07290 Image

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