Amazing Dives to End the Year

We had some amazing dives off the Seafox this morning. The ocean gave us a pretty good show to end the year with a bang. We had a fun and excited group with us out on the boat today. First dive site we went to was the LCU. Visibility was beautiful today. We dropped down to 90 feet and cruised underneath the wreck to check out the fish and see what was hiding underneath today. As soon as we came back out we were greeted by a group of 7 spotted eagle rays! They were cruising in the current right next to the wreck. So awesome to see those guys up close. On the front of the wreck we found a slipper lobster. Then we went and checked out the blocks surrounding the wreck and found two white tip reef sharks. It was a beautiful dive at the LCU. For the second dive we went to Fantasy Reef. We had crystal clear visibility over the reef today was well. We found a beautiful flounder swimming along the bottom at the beginning of the dive. At least 10 turtles throughout the dive. Another white tip reef shark sleeping in a little cave. A couple barracuda. Quite a few moray eels, one of the yellow margin morays out swimming around! But the highlight of the dive was the great big hawaiian stingray. A rare sight to see and it was absolutely amazing. With about a 6 foot wingspan this creature was nothing short of incredible. It was a great drift across fantasy reef this morning with some great dive buddies. So glad everyone came out diving with us this morning and hope to see you all on the boat again soon! And a special congratulations to Claire for completing her nitrox certification today! Dive on!

Crew: Captain Joe, Instructor Sarah, Instructor Dave, Instructor Everett

Conditions: Visibility 100+ ft, water temperature 76 degrees fahrenheit

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