Friday the 13th Dives

Today was another gorgeous day out on the boat in Maunalua Bay. We had an excited group of divers on the boat ready to blow some bubbles on the fine aloha friday. The current was kicking pretty strong so we decided to do a double drift today. First drift we did was a really cool dive called the Barge Drift. We have quite a few wreck dives out here in Maunalua Bay and few of them are close enough that if you navigate correctly you can hit multiple of them on one dive! So that’s what we did. We started out at the shark cave just west of baby barge where we were greeted by a pretty large, 5 foot maybe (everything looks bigger underwater..), white tip reef shark. We then cruised along the ledge until we hit baby barge. There were tons a fish around the wreck today and a massive barracuda lurking in the middle of the water column. We then kept cruising along the ledge and found a devil scorpion fish, a master of disguise. After finding a couple moray eels we hit the rock piles. Large cement blocks all dropped for the purpose of artificial reefs. There are great big schools of fish that hang around these rock piles. Then we hit our second wreck, New Barge. At this point we started making our accent and completed our safety stop. Just as we were hitting the surface after our safety stop we ended up right over top of the LCU. An awesome dive with lots of cool stuff to see. The second drift we did today was Keanu Reef. A 70 foot reef with great big coral heads. There were quite a few moray eels around the reef today, both small and big. We found a blue dragon nudibranch, love those little guys. And as we were doing our safety stop a spotted eagle ray swam underneath us! Overall a great day of diving with some great dive buddies. Hope to see everyone out on the boat again soon. Aloha!

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