Heat Wave?!? Let’s Go Diving!!!

There is no better way to escape the heat then go diving! Well that’s what 6 other certified and 1 DSD divers thought as well. So everyone showed up ready to go, boat briefing was done, and we were on our way to the open sea. The water temperature was around 79 degrees and everyone was ready to take a plunge into the aqua blue Pacific waters.

Led by Captain Joe we headed out into Maunalua Bay where the water looked remotely flat and calm. Coming to our first dive site, Koko Craters, we moored up and noticed there was a little bit of a surface current. Visibility was ok and we were all anxious to get down there to see what we could see.

During the 36 ft max dive we saw sea urchins, hawaiian state fish, and amongst many other things cruising by. I must not fail to mention…turtles and lots of them! We watched as the fish were giving them their cleaning “treatments”.

Upon surfacing everyone was eager to get back in so we nailed down our next destination. We decided to go to Angler’s reef which had a nice underwater current, but much better visibility than the first dive site.This site also was a max of about 45 feet at the bottom of the wall and 40 feet at the top.

We saw so many things such as eels which were all different colors, shapes, and SiZeS. We also spotted needle-nose fish, puffer fish, trumpet fish, star pillows, sea urchins, and many other types of marine life. One of the groups was lucky and saw an octopus!

So it twas a very successful afternoon with many sitings to report of. A big thanks to Carl for helping me out with the group today. Keep diving! Who knows what else we’ll see next?!?

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