Back to Beautiful Bonaire! Feb 16th to 23rd, 2019


  • $1139 for double occupancy standard room 
  • $799 non-diver
  • $1799 single occupancy, standard room

Shore Diving (with Truck) and Boat Package are the same prices

Upgrade Options:

  • Deluxe room double occupancy, $100
  • Deluxe room single occupancy, $200
  • Unlimited nitrox, $130

Boat and shore diving (with 3 boat dives) packages are the same prices – boat divers don’t get the truck rental but get 11 total boat dives.  See details on the flyer below.  We are sure this Bonaire dive trip will be as epic as the rest.  Here is a link to a previous trip report for what to expect from the diving.

We are trying out a different resort this time. It is walking distance to the downtown area and all the restaurants that are nearby.  The Divi resort is on the water and has its own boat dock.

A typical beach

Matt and Sheila are going to be doing the shore diving package with 3 boat dives.  Some of you may know Bob and Kathy from previous trips. They are signed up for the boat diving package, so you will have dive buddies, either way, you decide to go. If you sign up for the boat diving package, you can still shore dive as much as you like from the resort. You can probably get a ride from someone that has the shore diving package and a truck.  And if you are on the shore diving package and decide you want more than the 3 boat dives included you can always pick up a few more boat dives.  These are around $40 per dive.  They make it pretty easy.

Can I go on this dive trip?

Poolside at Divi

Pretty often now I’m getting the question, “Can we join you on that dive trip?”  I think this comes from the fact that we have been doing trips like this for quite a while now, and all over the world and a lot of the trip participants are the same people.  But the answer is “yes!”.  As long as you are easy going and fun loving, we would love to have you along and bring you into a fun group of dive buddies. Doesn’t matter how you heard about the trip, if you did, you can come.  Age range is from the early 20s to mid-70s.  We are all there for the diving, though the younger part of the crowd might be up a little later, lol.  Thank god for nitrox!  So, you are all welcome, and if we don’t know you yet, just show up ready to make some new friends!

Bonaire Dive Trip info

Sheila did a great write up on the flyer that appears in the dive shops.  Please click the link below and read it.  It also has information on how to reserve a space on this trip!

Payments due Dec 16th, 2018!  Gonna be a good sized trip, lots of fun!

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Salt Pier dive- awesome.

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