Cozumel Dive Trip July 21st to 28th 2019

Cozumel Dive Trip July 21st to 29th 2019

Mainland dive buddies – Island Divers Hawaii dive travel is invading your neck of the woods and headed on a Cozumel dive trip.  We’ve done plenty of these trips over the years but this year we are trying something new.  We are going to stay at an Iberostar all inclusive resort and use the local dive operator.  We chose this resort for our dive trip because the Iberostar is close to Palancar Reef, and for those of you that have been there before you know that that means short boat rides to the best dive sites in the south.  No bar bill was absolutely not a consideration – no really -it wasn’t- seriously – you believe me right?

Arrival in CozumelIberostar

Come in anytime on the 21st of July, airport transfers are included in the package, so we will be collecting your flight information to pass on the the operator.  Meet up at the La Perla Pool bar inside the Iberostar at 5pm for a social.  If you get in late, no problem, we’ll let you know what time to be at the dive shop to start the diving the next morning.

The Diving in Cozumel

goatfish in CozumelWe are signed up for a 5 day 2 tanks a day package.  Though if that is not enough for you you can add on dives at for $59, including night dives.  I’ll be up for adding on a night dive if there is a group that wants to do this.  The package includes nitrox, so if you aren’t certified yet, let us know and we will get the book work done prior to the trip and certify you the first day.  That’s only $99.  Worth it.  Diving is Cozumel is all drift diving, and damn that is nice.  You usually drop into the sand at about 50ft and head over to the ledge to explore caverns and swim throughs.  You know we will be going to Columbia Reef at least once, shallow and packed with life, this is an easy 80min dive.  Don’t be surprised if Bob and Kathy Zimmerman show up on this trip just to make sure they don’t miss out on that dive.

The Cenote Option

cenoteSo everyone knows what a cenote is right?  Okay, maybe not.  Basically there is an underground fresh water river system on the mainland, went the caves fill with water colapse in provide a surface entry point to the underground system.  It makes for some amazing stalactite and stalagmite filled caverns dives.  And you encounter the visual effect of a salt water and fresh water interface, the haliocline.  Super amazing.  So you have to give up a day of diving for this and pay a $130 extra, but it include the transportation to Playa del Carmen by ferry and the cave diver guides for safety.  This is just an option, but if there is a group that want to do this, I’m in.

Snorkeling with the Whale Sharks

Hell yes!  We have been meaning to get around to this for years, and here it is.  What can make a Cozumel dive trip better, this can!  Also a ferry ride to the mainland and then a boat trip, it is likely to be a full day excursion.  This is after our last diving day and is included in the trip price.  If you don’t want to go it was a $220 add on and we can reduce your trip price.  I’m thinking that this is so cool that everybody is in, diver or not.  We planned the trip to coincide with the availability of this tour as it is seasonal.

How to book

Send Sheila an email at or just send in a $500 deposit check to PO Box 30108 Honolulu HI 96820.  Make check to Dive Travel Services.  Sheila will be in touch at that point to get any more info she needs or answer questions.  There is a little more information on the trip flyer posted here.  Check it out.

Who can come on this trip

Island Divers Dive Travel

Travel the world, and scuba dive it!

It is extremely exclusive.  Just kidding.  Our trips are open to all fun loving divers that are interested in group travel.  Many of us have been traveling together for years.  There is always someone new, and most of them end up joining other trips in the future.  Sometimes it just works out that you are interested in a trip that we are offering as it coincides with when your were planning on traveling anyway.  That cool too, join us for a one off.  There are often non divers on our trips as well, and this trip will be particularly good for those couples.  Iberostar is a nice resort with a lot of other activities besides diving.  Join us, we love meeting new people.

Cozumel Dive Trip July 2019

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