palau dive trip 2018

Palau June 8th to 16th 2019

Palau June 8th to 16th 2019 $1785 single $2660

Upgraded rooms: balcony $1890/$2870

Pool side ground floor $2155/$3395

A Palau dive trip needs to be on every divers bucket list.   It is consistently rated one of the world’s top diving destinations for a good reason. The reefs of Palau are at a unique crossroads where 3 of the planet’s major ocean currents meet.  This marine ecosystem includes barrier reefs, fringing reefs, inner lagoons, sea-grass beds, marine lakes and mangrove forests.  Which is why over 1,500 species of fish and 700 species of coral lives here. The rushing currents and nutrient dense water host one of our planet’s most bio-diverse regions and supports more coral, fish, and invertebrates per unit area of marine habitat than any other place on Earth!

Package Includes:

7 Nights at The Cove Resort, with a 3rd floor room, upgrade available

3 Days 2 Tank Boat Diving, plus the dives below

2 days 3 Tank Boat Diving

Chandelier Cave Dive 

Jellyfish Lake Tour (or wreck dive if lake is not open)

Free Blue Corner PADI Specialty


Unlimited Shore Diving at Sams Macro Wall

Free Rental Gear, if needed

Palau Dive Trip


Anything not specially mentioned above.  Dinners & lunch on non-diving days.  Government ocean use permits of $100, must be paid in cash, subject to change by local government, (this includes the Jellyfish Lake permit).

palau dive trip 2018

Travel & Flight Considerations

Recommended Flights:

Fly out of HNL on June 8th to arrive in Palau airport code ROR on June 9th on United

Fly out of ROR in the early am of June 17th – Monday, to arrive back in Honolulu on June 16th on United

Important update on these flights:  For some reason you can’t book these flights!  You can see the departure on the 8th, but the flight from Koror to Guam at 1:45am, then Guam to Honolulu does not appear.  I’ve told United 3 times now.  However, if you call United you can book the flights!  Ask for a waiver of the phone booking fee and as of this update the flight cost is $1529 round trip per person.

Not coming through HNL?  There are asian airline flight options now.  Just pay close attention when booking flights!

Important Detail: the package is 7 nights with 5 days of diving, so you actually check out of the hotel at noon on the 16th of June, meaning you are without a hotel room for about 10 hours until the transport to the airport.  The nice thing about that is you get an extra day to explore Palau.  Of course, you can book a flight a day earlier and not miss any diving.   Options for that day: go into town to shop, including story boards, rent a car (Sams’ can arrange for about $60) and drive to the north side of the island and do the waterfall hike, $10 entry last year), or if you are interested in self guided kayaking – rent a half day kayak single ($35) or double ($45) and kayak around the local area.  Did it, it’s worth it.


kayak trip palau

About the Expeditions 

Specialty Kayak tour – An option for your non diving day. Kayaks are loaded up into boats and we take a ride to the best spots in the Rock islands. You spend the full day kayaking and snorkeling exploring the nooks and crannies of the Rock islands. This trip costs $175, but it is worth it.  Decide once you get there.

Educational Options- Nitrox: If you don’t have nitrox yet, you should get it. Nitrox is included in the package and we’ll all be on it all week. Talk to us, we offer it for $99 and can complete it in about 15 minutes in Palau after you do the online learning.

Blue Corner Specialty- The first time Sheila went to Palau she spent $175 on the Blue Corner Specialty, that price is down to FREE!.  You get some really neat information on fish behavior at Blue Corner (and this is one of our favorite dives). This is taught by the instructors at Sam’s Tours.

Historical Tour of Peleliu. Also an option for your non diving day.  It is a guided land tour of one of the most important battle sites of World War II.  Not cheap (approx $200), but everyone who has done this tour recommends it.  Highly knowledgeably guide that lives on the island.


Palau is located 900 SW of Guam, 400 miles S of Yap, N of New Guinea and E of the Philippines at the Westernmost edge of Micronesia.  Surrounded by warm tropical waters, Palau has spectacular reefs, dramatic walls, caverns, channels and WWII wrecks making it a true diver’s paradise.  Topside brings you azure lagoons rimmed with white sandy beaches and rock islands topped with lush rainforests.  For such a tiny area of land, Palau has an extraordinary array of natural wonders.  This archipelago consists of nearly 200 largely pristine limestone and volcanic islands blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon.  It is no wonder that diving is the #1 activity in Palau with its truly world-class dive sites, exciting seascape, fascinating wrecks and stunningly diverse marine life.

If you like sharks (gray reef, blacktip, whitetip, occasional bull, leopard, hammerhead & silky), manta rays, pelagics, friendly giant Napoleon wrasse, schools of barracuda, bait balls, giant clams, anemones,  sea fans, soft and hard corals and tons of colorful tropical fish), Palau won’t let you down.  Wonderful dive sites await us with names like Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, Siaes Corner, Devil Fish City, Shark City, Virgin Blue Hole, Jake’s Seaplane and too many WWII wrecks to mention. ( Palau saw heavy fighting during WWII, including massive aerial bombardments of Koror Island, launched from fast carrier task forces, particularly during the assault and liberation of Peleliu Island by US Marines. Remnants of WWII are visible throughout Palau today including the huge fleet of ship and plane wrecks resting at the bottom of Palau’s inner lagoon.)

manta at German channel palau

Sam’s Tours

Spacious and open, Sam’s faces the ocean with magnificent views of the Rock Islands. Cozy and welcoming, comfortable and relaxing, we always find ourselves kicking back and talking story at Sam’s after our dives. Perhaps with the local beer, Red Rooster, in hand.  Not only is Sam’s an award winning PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center, it’s an awesome place to hang out, eat and be merry. Sam’s makes every Palau dive trip a little better. Staff will go out of their way to help you or make things easy. Even if you are the last customer in the bar, you will get a cheerful ride back to your hotel.

Some perks of diving with Sam’s – Complimentary coffee, tea and safe filtered water available all day, secure guest gear locker, rental gear center, three separate freshwater rinse tanks for cameras, gear and wetsuits, restrooms with warm shower facilities and wireless internet access.  Sam’s picks up/drops off divers at the hotel.


Travel the world, and dive it!

Travel the world, and dive it!

Payments to Dive Travel Services

Payments to Dive Travel Services  Payment schedule: $500 deposit to reserve a spot.  $500 payment due April 8th, final payment of $785 due May 8th 2019.   All payments need to be made by check or cashier’s check to Dive Travel Service (not Island Divers). The best way to get that in our hands is mail to PO Box 30108 Honolulu HI 96820, though dropping off at a shop is an option.  If you want to pay by cash you need to make an appointment with Sheila Jordan at  Payments are non refundable for any reason.  That being said we will work with any resort or operator or airline to secure refund if possible.  Don’t count on this though, Dive Travel Services makes commitments based on trip payments, and once resorts have the have the money, getting it back is not very likely.  Get travel insurance from DAN!

Email Us

Information you should send to us

  • Passport number – valid for 6 months after the last date of travel
  • Date of Birth & Redress and Known Traveler numbers if applicable
  • your contact phone & email as well as an emergency contact
  • any food allergies or dietary restrictions
  • your flight details

If you have sent this information for a previous trip, we have it.  Update as necessary.


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