Wreck dive at LCU and drift at spitting caves!!! July 21st, 2014

We head out to the LCU for our first dive of the day, planning a wreck dive we choose this specific site to comply with our future Junior Advanced  Open water diver Trinity!!! Whom can only go to 70feet. The conditions were nice underwater with a mild current heading West, down there were big schools of Goat fish and lots of Surgeon fish and the amazing Yellow face Butterfly fish!

For our second dive we head out to the Spitting caves to do our “Drift dive”. Always spitting caves is an amazing dive with lost of fish such as Blur fish, two big big frog fish, few turtles with a nice juvenile one! After about 45 minutes underwater we had to head back to the surface to end up two amazing dives.

Congratulations to Trinity on completing the Wreck dive and the Drift dive as part of the Junior Advanced Open Water course!

Special thanks to Mark, Andrew, Nick, Jonathan, Erick, Isaura, Rosa, Tomicko, Wesley and Ron

Sea Conditions: Moderate with small swells

Visibility: 45 ft to 65 ft

Current: Light West current

Dive Crew: David Pinilla (me), Divemaster Carlos

Boat Crew: Capt Joe and Maxine





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