Entries by David Pinilla

Sunday diving Sunday July 27th

What a fantastic way to finish the week , Sunday diving Sunday!  A clear sky, calm seas and a nice cooling breeze were the conditions we had for our  Sunday afternoon dive. Coming on the Dive Barge we had a first time divers, student divers and a certified diver so to accommodate everyone we head out […]

Wreck dive at LCU and drift at spitting caves!!! July 21st, 2014

We head out to the LCU for our first dive of the day, planning a wreck dive we choose this specific site to comply with our future Junior Advanced  Open water diver Trinity!!! Whom can only go to 70feet. The conditions were nice underwater with a mild current heading West, down there were big schools […]

Moray eel, Scorpionfish afternoon dive July 14th

Afternoon dive out on the SeaFox, with a cloudy day we head out to Koko crater for our first dive. Once in, we dived into a strong surge and current but with no problem my divers tackled it without any worries!  The next dive, we sail towards Anglers reef looking for better visibility and less underwater “movement”. […]

June 2nd Morning dive!

Awesome day,weather and dive!!!    We went out to LCU for our first dive of the morning, having beautiful clear skies, flat seas and sunshine we venture west to the wreck dive. Once at LCU we descended into 85ft to find the LCU laying on its deck, swimming around we found the amazing frog fish, […]