Magical Monday!!

The winds had died down from the weekend and we pulled out of the marina heading to LCU.  The water was clear and the viability was amazing.  There was a slight current but it was no challenge for our set of fantastic divers.  As we dropped on the wreck we were met but a huge school of barracuda!  This is always an incredible site to see so many of them together.  After checking out the underside of the boat we made our way out into the Z Blocks.  We were not let down with the sea life out there.  One of our favorite small white tip reef sharks was sleeping in his usual lair.  We were also greeted by 11…yes ELEVEN Eagle Rays.  This was a beautiful dive today.


The winds were right, the tide was right, the divers were happy…..Spitting Caves was our next dive.  We had an window and we took it.  We got to see a monk seal the the surface but he didn’t join us under the waves.  Our drift was filled with sites to see….Sharks, Octopus, Eels, Turtles,  Frog Fish and about a million reef fish!  The drift was a nice lazy drift and everyone had a great time exploring all the caves, nooks and crannies!!

Dive Sites:  LCU, max depth 95 feet, viz 100+, Wreck Dive

Spitting Caves, max depth 50 feet, viz 100+, Drift Dive

Awesome Divers:  Dan, Jamel, John, Michael, Phil, and Yin

Amazing Dive Staff:  Capt Joe, Dive Instructors Mary and Dave, Crew Tim

This was a super day!  Thank you one and all for coming out!!

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