Double Wall Drift

Today was an absolutely beautiful day out on the boat! We had a great group of divers on the boat as we headed out into the bay this morning. The conditions were perfect, light winds, flat seas, and amazing visibility. The perfect day for a double wall drift! We started our first dive at Spitting Caves and meandered along the wall with current. Just a couple minutes into the dive is when the turtles started showing up. We probably saw at least 8 different turtles throughout the dive! We also found a scorpion fish camouflaged on the wall. We saw a couple large moray eels, yellow margin and spotted, and quite a few small ones, snowflake moray. We also found two imperial nudibranches. Really small but really beautiful. After a beautiful and relaxing 45 minute drift we hoped back up on the boat and soaked up some sun during our surface interval. We jumped back in just a little bit further down the wall from where we left off and drifted towards seacave. Again tons of awesome stuff along the wall. More moray eels. Massive schools of butterfly fish. We were lucky enough to spot a frogfish. Pretty ugly fish but awesome to see. We also saw the biggest barracuda I have ever seen. It was somewhere around 5 feet long. Absolutely massive. Inside the seacave there were 3 white tip reef sharks! We also found a big porcupine pufferfish inside the cave and quite a few blue dragon nudibranches. It was two magnificent dives. A great day out on the boat with some great dive buddies.

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