Shark, Rays, Eels, Oh My Monday! AM 1/30

Yan and Si came out for an amazing dive today.  They braved the winds we had this morning and went to LCU and Fantasy Reef today.

With the over 100 feet of visibility we were all happy just coming down the lines in the slight current.  The schooling barracuda were there and boy were they there!  Hundreds and hundreds of them in fact.  Under the wreck the long nose butterfly fish were swimming upside down, because they can.  Swimming out the far side of the wreck we were greeted by the barracudas again!  Then while gazing up to them the eagle rays came into view.  Just two of them to begin with but they were big.  We looked around at all the hiding places in the Z Blocks and got to see and array of many reef fish.  At the top of the wreck we looked for the Tinker’s butterfly fish that lives around that area but could not find it.  When we came to the far side of the wreck we found the Eagle Rays again….and right under them a Shark!  This was the thing Yan and Si had requested to see today so they were pretty stoked.  The white tip reef shark swam around us for the rest of the dive!

Fantasy Reef was totally clear and amazing also.  The turtles put on quite a show for us and seemed very interested in what we were doing.  The eels out on the reef as they always are keeping a watch over there coral reef home.  The swim thru’s were bustling with activity today also.  We had the regular reef fish, loads of turtles, eels, great barracudas, octopus, sea hare,  even got to see one of the solitary Guinefowl Puffer fish.  This is a pretty uncommon sighting for us so it made all pretty happy.  This was an awesome dive and we really just took our time soaking it all in.

Yan and Si were so happy with diving the are coming back tomorrow to do it again!!

Dive Sites:  LCU, 100+ viz, wreck dive.   Fantasy Reef, 100+ viz, drift dive

Awesome divers:  Yan and Si!

Amazing Dive Staff:  Capt. Joe, Dive Instructor Mary, and Crew Tim!


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