Great day out at the LCU!

Braving some moderate winds and some surface chop, our certified divers boarded the Enzo looking for high adventure under the rolling ocean. Divers  Brian S., Brian B., Carlos, Craig, Devon, Jared, Paul, Dray, and Megan,  were set to dive out in Maunalua  Bay in Hawaii Kai. After gearing up and getting our boat and dive briefings we were headed out to the bay and our first stop: the Landing Craft Utility or LCU.

Wow dropping down the lines it was easy to see that the LCU was a hotbed of activity and was not going to disappoint… we immediately saw a large school of Pacific Barracudas off to the left of the ship

Pacific Barracudas

This school has been growing bigger and bigger each time we see it, and is easily taking over the site. Out away from the wreck we trekked until we came to some cement tubes where inside sat a White tip reef shark… who promptly exited the tube and swam off into the blue…

White Tip Tube

Turning back towards the wreck we ran into 2 Spotted Eagle Rays gliding along the perimeter of the site…

Gliding Spotted Eagle Ray

Such graceful and beautiful creatures… one of my favorites!

Soon it was time to surface and bid farewell to the awesome LCU!

Next it was on to the East side and Spitting Caves wall drift!

The currents were up and visibility was down a bit, but we did manage to see a few Hawaiian Green Turtles…

Hawaiian Green Turtle

a White Tip Reef Shark, a Scorpion fish, a Frog fish, and an Octopus! A very nice drift for all.

Thank you to all our divers for a very safe and fun day out on the Enzo, and Aloha from IDH!

Dave Lead Instructor

Megan Instructor

Kendal Captain

LCU 87 ft.

Spitting Caves 45 ft.


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