Baby Barge and Fantasy Turtle party!

A beautiful day today out in Maunalua Bay as we set out for a days adventure in the great waters of Oahu. On board the Enzo was a lucky 4 who had the boat all to themselves… Ainhoa, Nathalie, Gaelle, and Brian were all set for a 2 dive experience.  Conditions were good as we reached our first destination: Baby Barge. Currents were moderate, visibility was 60-70 ft, and water temperature around 76 degrees. All divers entered the water and descended to the wreck which sits at around 60 feet. We were met by many turtles who make the wreck their home, a porcupine fish, but alas no white tip sharks…

Turtle flybye

You talking to me?

Next it was a drop to 50 ft. for a drift on Fantasy Reef… the current died down a bit but the visibility also was down around 50 ft. Alot of turtles, reef fish, great barracuda, eels, and thanks to Nathalie who is an expert Nudibranch whisperer… Nudibranchs!



Dancing turtle

A great day of diving for all. Thank you to all our divers for a safe and fun day in the water, hope to see you again soon. Aloha!

Lead Instructor Dave Sanchez

Captain Kendal Vercoe

Crew Phillipe

Baby Barge 60-85 ft

Fantasy Reef 50 ft

Water Temp 76 degrees

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