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Summer Returns to Maunalua Bay!

  June has arrived and so has the warmer waters that the island of Oahu is known for. Ready to take advantage of the beautiful conditions in Maunalua Bay was James B, James F, Katie, Nate, Paul, Shay, Travis, and Marilyn. And near perfect conditions there were: 78 degree waters, 80 ft plus visibility, and […]

Awesome Sunday 3 Tank… How We Do It! 5/7

A FANTASTIC DAY broke out on Sunday for the Island Divers Hawaii Sunday 3 Tanker that was full to capacity! Joining us for a day full of adventures was Donald, Jerry, Kevin, Hanza, Veronique, James, Jennifer, Justin, Kevin, William, Paul, Phillip, Rebecca, and Steve. With the boat locked and loaded we set out to Maunalua […]

Sunday Wet Funday 3 Tanker!

Weather or not… that was the question our hearty band of divers faced this morning as the weather gods did all they could to try to diminish their enthusiasm for the day ahead. Chris, Grant, Chris F, Gwyn, James, James S, Justin, Mark, Landyn, Sam, Michael, and Melissa all said “Lets Shove Off!” and we set off for a day […]

Great day out at the LCU!

Braving some moderate winds and some surface chop, our certified divers boarded the Enzo looking for high adventure under the rolling ocean. Divers  Brian S., Brian B., Carlos, Craig, Devon, Jared, Paul, Dray, and Megan,  were set to dive out in Maunalua  Bay in Hawaii Kai. After gearing up and getting our boat and dive […]

Maunalua Bay diving adventure, octopus in the coral!

A nice day as the PM Fox departed its dock and headed out to Maunalua Bay in search of adventure. On board was a group of explorers: Angela, Amanda, Caleb, Kristen, Aodhan, Tim, Christine, Oliver, Tessia, Chong, Davin (OW1/2) and Elizabeth (OW 3/4). This is a preview of Maunalua Bay diving adventure, octopus in the […]