Amazing Monday!! AM 4/10

The sun was shining and the divers ready to take on the morning dives.  We started with a trip to the Corsair but the current was a bit strong.  As divers do we changed up our plan and headed to Baby Barge. On the way there the last of the whales gave us a lovely whale watch. What a good choice this was.  We were greeted on Baby Barge with so many turtles we couldn’t count them.  Yellow margin moray eels, to many reef fish to count, nudi’s and even an Octopus!  It was a great day there and a hot bed of activity.  After everyone boarded the boat and we were doing gear change overs there were DOPHINS!  It was a super pod and they stayed with us for over 45 minutes during our surface interval.  Not to mention…..the Whales came back!

Our next dive site was Keanu Reef.  When we jumped in and were making our decent…..DOLPHINS…they surrounded us and started the dive that way.  It was breath taking.  On the drift we did at Keanu we got to see a huge octopus in its hole.  When we looked in we could see all her eggs there, can’t wait for all the new baby octopi around the reefs.  Lots feels also on this site.  It was a pretty amazing day on the ocean for all that were there.  We had a very happy Dive Day!


Awesome Divers:  Andy, Rebecca, Seena, Kyrylo, John, William and Tim!

Amazing Staff:  Dive instructors Mary and David, Capt. Joe and Maddie the boat crew!

Dive Sites:  Baby Barge 85 Feet, 100′ viz, Wreck Dive

Keanu Reef, 65 feet, 100 foot viz, Drift Drift



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