Double Drifting Monday!! 4/18 AM

It was a blustery start to the day today but the weather cleared quickly as the dive boat headed out to the sites.  We drifted off the LCU wreck today and headed west after that.  The barracuda were out like crazy today, hundreds of them. We explored parts of the ocean floor that we seldom get to see.  Never knowing what you will see out there is pretty exciting.  So many reef fish around on this dive and the cutest little free swimming octopus.  It’s always fun to do this drift when we get the chance.

Barracuda  Moray EelDay Octopus

Next we drifted Fantasy Reef.  The water was crystal clear today and the reef was full of turtles.  This was pretty exciting for most of our divers today.  Lots of people taking pictures and enjoying the sites.  We saw a couple of nudi’s and yet again another free swimming octopus. One of the favorite parts of the dive was finding the red frog fish, this is one of my personal favorites around.    They are not common and a little hard to find.   Towards the end of the dive we even got to see the big present white tip shark we have been seeing around.  She is so slow when she swims now that everyone had a chance to take good pictures.  Lot’s of eels on this dive also….was so much fun.

Imperial Nudi  Day Octopus Green Sea Turtle Blue Dragon Nudi Red Frog FishMoray Eel

Thanks to our awesome divers:  William, Pat, Amanda, Josh, Nico, Carly, Angelo and of course Pastor Tim.

Congratulations to Carly and Angelo on their New PADI Enriched Air Certifications!!

Amazing Dive Staff:  Capt. Joe, Dive Instructor Mary and Maddie as Crew!!

Dive Sites:  LCU Drift, 95 max depth, 100 ft Viz.

Fantasy Reef, 55 max depth, 100 ft Viz, Drift

Thank you Everyone!!!

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