Picture Perfect Weather Back In Maunalua Bay 5/3/17

The great weather we are used to returned on Wednesday as our boat the Enzo left the dock with a small group of 4 divers. Joining us today were Jonathan, Joshua, Lara, and Timur who were treated to a private charter to dive where they wanted. After a quick vote the site was chosen… Corsair!

The Corsair is the only true wreck in our bay and is also the deepest at 106 ft. Still sitting upright where it came to rest in 1946 its a home to many fish, a few Octopus, and a solitary large Green Moray known affectionately as Big Bertha. As we dropped down the line we were met with a small current, and visibility was about 75 ft. The usual cast of characters were about: including a few puffers, the abundant fish, and Bertha under the wing.

After a surface interval it was off to our next dive: a drift of Fantasy Reef.

A favorite drift site, Fantasy Reef has large coral formations, many Green Hawaiian Turtles, and a few White tip sharks. The sites depth maxes out at around 50 ft. Perfect for drift dives that can go up to 40 minutes. We caught a small current, and visibility was down a bit due to the recent bad weather, but still a great dive with plenty of Turtles and a pregnant female White Tip Shark. An awesome day of diving.

Thank you to all our divers for a safe and fun day out on and under the water… ALOHA!

DAVE Instructor

SHILOH Captain

Corsair 106 ft, 25 Min,

Fantasy Reef 50 ft, 40 Min

Water temp 77*

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